Books read in 2024

1-1There is No Right Way to MeditateYumi Sakugawa
1-3The City of BrassS.A. Chakraborty
1-7The Narrow Road Between DesiresPatrick Rothfuss
1-12How to LoveAlex Norris
1-12CaliforniaEdan Lepucki
1-14The End of BiasJessica Nordell
1-15The Cat Who Saved BooksSosuke Natsukawa
1-20Starter VillainJohn Scalzi
1-21Demon DaughterLois McMaster Bujold
1-23Mislaid in Parts Half-KnownSeanan McGuire
1-28Talking ManTerry Bisson
1-30SteerswomanRosemary Kirstein
2-14An Informal History of the HugosJo Walton
2-18In the Lives of PuppetsT.J. Klune
2-28Unwell WomenElinor Cleghorn
3-4FuturelandWalter Mosely
3-5pHNancy Lord
3-12The End of the AffairGraham Greene
3-18The Adventures of Amina Al-SirafiShannon Chakraborty
3-21White Cat, Black DogKelly Link
4-7A Socially Acceptable BreakdownPatrick Roche
4-7Lone WomenVictor LaValle
4-11The Myth of Solid GroundDavid L. Ulin
4-12What If?Randall Munroe
4-14The Witch and the TsarOlesya Salnikova Gilmore
4-21An Unkindness of GhostsRivers Solomon
4-23The BezzleCory Doctorow
4-30Translation StateAnn Leckie
5-5Four Stories Till the EndZoran Zivkovic
5-8Sandman Act 3 (audio)Neil Gaiman
5-15Woman, Life, FreedomMarjane Satrapi
5-16MiddlemarchGeorge Eliot
5-18Afterparty (audio)Daryl Gregory
5-21Magpie MurdersAnthony Horowitz
5-27If Nietzsche were a NarwhalJustin Gregg
6-1Julio's DayGilbert Hernandez
6-3Rose/HouseArkady Martine
6-12Ministry of the FutureKim Stanley Robinson
6-17Mammoths at the GateNghi Vo
6-26Empress of Salt and FortuneNghi Vo
6-30ThrustLidia Yuknavitch
7-2Penric and the BanditLois McMaster Bujold
7-6Stories are WeaponsAnnalee Newitz
7-9The Oregon Trail (audio)Rinker Buck
7-12The Moon and the SunVonda McIntyre
7-16Charmed ParticlesChrissy Kolaya

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The date listed is when I finished the book, regardless of when I started it.
Just because a book is listed, doesn't necessarily mean I liked it or would recommend it.
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