1-25-1997Expiration Date Tim Powers
1-26-1997The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart
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3-16-1997Flux Stephen Baxter
3-17-1997Eccentrics: a Study of Sanity and Strangeness David Weeks and Jamie James
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3-25-1997The God of the Labyrinth Colin Wilson
3-26-1997Towing Jehovah James Morrow
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3-31-1997The Raven and Other Favorite Poems Edgar Allen Poe
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4-28-1997The Continent of Lies James Morrow
5-03-1997Sewer, Gas & Electric Matt Ruff
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5-13-1997Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein
5-15-1997The Wine of Violence James Morrow
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6-04-1997Brief Lives Neil Gaiman, et al
6-06-1997Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre H.P. Lovecraft
6-07-1997A Book of Surrealist Gamescompiled by Alastair Brotchie
6-08-1997How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
6-09-1997City of Truth James Morrow
6-10-1997Falling Free Lois McMaster Bujold
6-11-1997The Walls Came Tumbling Down Robert Anton Wilson
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6-16-1997The American Heretic's Dictionary Chaz Bufe
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10-15-1997Ammonite Nicola Griffith
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10-22-1997Time and Light William Bornefeld
10-23-1997Startide Rising David Brin
10-26-1997The Calcutta Chromosome Amitav Ghosh
10-27-1997Timequake Kurt Vonnegut
10-29-1997Blameless in Abaddon James Morrow
10-30-1997Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Walter Miller
11-01-1997Fat Men From Space Daniel Pinkwater
11-02-1997Prayers to Broken Stones Dan Simmons
11-06-1997The Last Basselope Berkeley Breathed
11-09-1997The Chalice & the Blade Riane Eisler
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12-29-1997The Secret of Life Rudy Rucker
1-01-1998The Witling Vernor Vinge
1-02-1998The Book of Imaginary Beings Jorge Luis Borges
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1-18-1998Intellectuals Paul Johnson
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1-31-1998My Tibet The Dalai Lama and Galen Rowell
2-06-1998My Idea of Fun Will Self
2-08-1998Slow Learner Thomas Pynchon
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2-14-1998Jones of Colorado Ralph Steadman
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3-03-1998Postcards from the Prairie Larry Kanfer
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3-26-1998Childhood's End Arthur C Clarke
4-05-1998A Son of the Circus John Irving
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4-14-1998The Green Magazine Guide to Personal Finance Ken Kurson
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4-25-1998Women/Men Paul Verlaine
4-25-1998A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again David Foster Wallace
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5-17-1998Zen in the Art of Writing Ray Bradbury
5-21-1998Wyrd Sisters Terry Pratchett
5-25-1998The Mezzanine Nicholson Baker
5-28-1998There's a Hair in My Dirt Gary Larson
5-28-1998The Exile Kiss George Alec Effinger
5-29-1998Bloodsucking Fiends Christopher Moore
6-01-1998Practical DemonKeeping Christopher Moore
6-03-1998Brightness Reef David Brin
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6-07-1998Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance Richard Powers
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6-20-1998One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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6-24-1998When I Look at Pictures Lawrence Ferlinghetti
6-26-1998Heaven's Reach David Brin
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7-02-1998Secrets of Love Nigel Cawthorne
7-03-1998Feet of Clay Terry Pratchett
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7-06-1998The Sweet Smell of Psychosis Will Self
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7-14-1998Sex, Art and American Culture Camille Paglia
7-20-1998Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson
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8-01-1998The New Life Orhan Pamuk
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8-06-1998The Big U Neal Stephenson
8-10-1998The Baron in the Trees Italo Calvino
8-13-1998Amnesia Moon Jonathan Lethem
8-20-1998Darwinia Robert Charles Wilson
8-21-1998Maximum Light Nancy Kress
8-24-1998Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction Tom Raabe
8-25-1998How to Talk Dirty and Influence PeopleLenny Bruce
9-01-1998The Drawing of the Dark Tim Powers
9-02-1998The Postman David Brin
9-09-1998Dark Matter Christopher Buckley
9-12-1998Use of Weapons Iain Banks
9-12-1998When Heaven Fell William Barton
9-18-1998The Stress of Her Regard Tim Powers
9-18-1998Distress Greg Egan
9-23-1998A User's Guide to the Millennium J.G. Ballard
9-24-1998The Blind Geometer / The New AtlantisKim Stanley Robinson / Ursula K. Le Guin
9-28-1998Quilting Lucille Clifton
10-01-1998The Gold Cell Sharon Olds
10-03-1998The Man-Kzin Wars Larry Niven
10-03-1998The Dead and the Living Sharon Olds
10-03-1998Vacuum Diagrams Stephen Baxter
10-04-1998Climbing Mount Improbable Richard Dawkins
10-05-1998Archangel Sharon Shinn
10-06-1998The Swine's Wedding Daniel Evan Weiss
10-08-1998Red Prophet Orson Scott Card
10-11-1998Jovah's Angel Sharon Shinn
10-12-1998Primate Behavior Sarah Lindsay
10-14-1998Axiomatic Greg Egan
10-19-1998True Names and Other Dangers Vernor Vinge
10-20-1998Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys Will Self
10-22-1998Libra Don DeLillo
10-25-1998The Alleluia Files Sharon Shinn
10-26-1998The Shape-Changer's Wife Sharon Shinn
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11-02-1998Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot Allen I. Holub
11-05-1998The Worthing Saga Orson Scott Card
11-07-1998The Reality Dysfunction: Emergence Peter F. Hamilton
11-17-1998The Reality Dysfunction: Expansion Peter F. Hamilton
11-19-1998The Mystic of Sex Anais Nin
11-20-1998In the Miro District Peter Taylor
11-23-1998Strength of Stones Greg Bear
11-26-1998Cosmicomics Italo Calvino
11-27-1998The Hollow Man Dan Simmons
12-08-1998Starting from San Francisco Lawrence Ferlinghetti
12-12-1998The Neutronium Alchemist Peter F. Hamilton
12-13-1998User Friendly Spider Robinson
12-15-1998Grimm's World Vernor Vinge
12-17-1998Because the Brain Can Be Talked into Anything Jan Richman
12-19-1998The Menace from EarthRobert A. Heinlein
12-21-1998Permutation City Greg Egan
12-25-1998Sewer Gas & Electric Matt Ruff
12-26-1998Earthquake Weather Tim Powers
12-26-1998Sex & Sunsets Tim Sandlin
12-27-1998A Second Chance at Eden Peter F. Hamilton
12-28-1998White Noise Don DeLillo
12-30-1998Talking it Over Julian Barnes
1-1-1999Poems Maya Angelou
1-2-1999Susie Bright's Sexual State of the Union Susie Bright
1-3-1999Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Rebecca Wells
1-4-1999Galatea 2.2. Richard Powers
1-6-1999On Writing Well William Zinsser
1-10-1999The Revenge By Love David Dooley
1-11-1999Lost Pages Paul Di Filippo
1-15-1999Sleep Thieves Stanley Coren
1-16-1999Ruined by Reading Lynne Sharon Schwartz
1-16-1999Trying to Save Piggy Sneed John Irving
1-20-1999Distraction Bruce Sterling
1-31-1999The Maverick Poets Steve Kowit,ed
2-1-1999The Three Women K Helke Sander
2-15-1999Mating Norman Rush
2-19-1999Mindstar Rising peter F. Hamilton
2-23-1999Variations on all the Perfect Things David Gregor
2-26-1999The Cider House Rules John Irving
3-1-1999Stardust Neil Gaiman
3-7-1999View with a Grain of Sand Wislawa Szymborska
3-10-1999Pink Gus Van Sant
3-11-1999The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Christopher Moore
3-16-1999Canary in a Cat House Kurt Vonnegut
3-19-1999Sexwise Susie Bright
3-20-1999Food of the Gods Terence McKenna
3-21-1999American Places William Zinsser
3-22-1999The Book of Guys Garrison Keillor
3-23-1999Looking for Peoria Dennis McBride
3-27-1999Einstein's Dreams Alan Lightman
3-29-1999A Quantum Murder Peter F. Hamilton
4-8-1999Swing! The New Retro Renaissance V. Vale
4-8-1999Nebula Awards 25Michael Bishop,ed
4-10-1999If You Want to Write Brenda Euland
4-12-1999Ki Te Ao Apirana Taylor
4-13-1999The State of the Art Iain M. Banks
4-15-1999Loose Woman Sandrea Cisneros
4-18-1999Swingin' at the Savoy Norma Miller
4-25-1999These are My Rivers Lawrence Ferlinghetti
4-26-1999A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge
4-28-1999Elements of Style Strunk & White
5-1-1999Beasts John Crowley
5-2-1999The Meaning of it All Richard P. Feynman
5-2-1999A Gentle Madness Nicholas A. Babanes
5-3-1999Tales of the Unexpected Roald Dahl
5-5-1999The Mammoth Book of International EroticaMaxim Jakubowski,ed
5-6-1999Starplex Robert J. Sawyer
5-8-1999Going Home Again Howard Waldrop
5-12-1999The Dream Police Dennis Cooper
5-15-1999Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson
5-16-1999Everything is Under Control Robert Anton Wilson
5-30-1999Prisoner's Dilemma Richard Powers
6-3-1999Wild Seed Octavia Butler
6-7-1999On Cats & Dogs Neil Gaiman
6-9-1999Nine Hard Questions about the Nature of the Universe Lewis Shiner
6-15-1999The Nano Flower Peter F. Hamilton
6-16-1999Papas' Portland Bill & Tessa Papas
6-21-1999Naked PoetryStephen Berg & Robert Mezey,ed
6-23-1999Robot Visions Isaac Asimov
7-2-1999The Guide to Getting it On! Paul Joannides
7-3-1999NanotechJack Dann & Gardner Dozois,ed
7-9-1999The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury
7-12-1999Diaspora Greg Egan
7-13-1999The Meaning of Liff Douglas Adams and John Lloyd
7-15-1999Future Shock Alvin Toffler
7-19-1999Buxton Spice Oonya Kempadoo
7-23-1999Cassell Dictionary of Sex Quotations
7-27-1999The Fishmonger Cookbook Dorothy Batchelder
7-30-1999Disco 2000Sarah Champion,ed
7-31-1999Questions about Angels Billy Collins
7-31-1999Wormwood Poppy Z. Brite
8-6-1999Glory Season David Brin
8-8-1999Sex for Beginners Errol Selkirk
8-10-1999Blood Music Greg Bear
8-13-1999Susie Bright's Sexual Reality Susie Bright
8-23-1999Luminous Greg Egan
8-27-1999Resume with Monsters William Browning Spencer
9-2-1999Terenesia Greg Egan
9-6-1999Lord of Light Roger Zelazny
9-6-1999The Book of Ultimate Truths Robert Rankin
9-12-1999The Color of Culture II Mona Lake Jones
9-14-1999Bagombo Snuff Box Kurt Vonnegut
9-15-1999Ender's Shadow Orson Scott Card
9-24-1999Darwin's Radio Greg Bear
10-3-1999The Web: Lightstorm Peter F. Hamilton
10-10-1999Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Haruki Murakami
10-15-1999Permutation City Greg Egan (accidental re-read)
10-20-1999Evolution's Shore Ian McDonald
11-02-1999The Naked God Peter F. Hamilton
11-05-1999All Tomorrow's Parties William Gibson
11-08-1999The Eternal Footman James Morrow
11-15-1999A Good Old-Fashioned Future Bruce Sterling
11-26-1999The Apple That Astonished Paris Billy Collins
12-5-1999U and I Nicholson Baker
12-8-1999The Sandman: The Dream Hunters Neil Gaiman
12-10-1999Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace
12-11-199921st Annual World Fantasy Convention -- 1995
12-14-1999The Naked Sun Isaac Asimov
12-22-1999Smoke and Mirrors Neil Gaiman
12-22-1999The Color of Culture Mona Lake Jones
12-23-1999Borges on Writing Jorge Luis Borges
12-25-1999Honk If You Love Afrodite Daniel Evan Weiss
12-25-1999 Kirinya Ian McDonald
12-26-1999Geek Love Katherine Dunn
12-27-1999The Garden of Iden Kage Baker
12-29-1999The River of Time David Brin
1-1-2000The Museum at Purgatory Nick Bantock
1-3-2000River Horse William Least Heat Moon
1-4-2000The Fiery Cuisines Dave DeWitt & Nancy Gerlach
1-5-2000Post Office Charles Bukowski
1-8-2000A Wild Sheep Chase Haruki Murakami
1-9-2000Lizard Music D. Manus Pinkwater
1-10-2000God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian Kurt Vonnegut
1-12-2000Adriana's Spice Caravan Adriana and Rochelle Zabarkes
1-12-2000Hot! Janet Hazen
1-13-2000Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone Ian McDonald
1-17-2000Would It Kill You to Smile? Philip Lawson
1-18-2000The Hoboken Chicken Emergency D. Manus Pinkwater
1-19-2000Lunatics Bradley Denton
1-23-2000Hogfather Terry Pratchett
1-25-2000Enchantment Orson Scott Card
2-1-2000Strong Women Stay Young Miriam E. Nelson and Sarah Wernick
2-3-2000Miss Wyoming Douglas Coupland
2-6-2000Attila the Pun Daniel Pinkwater
2-7-2000Savage Love Dan Savage
2-10-2000Shiva 3000 Jan Jensen
2-13-2000Sky Coyote Kage Baker
2-14-2000Small Gods Terry Pratchett
2-21-2000Borgel Daniel Pinkwater
2-22-2000Desolation Road Ian McDonald
2-24-2000Maskerade Terry Pratchett
2-29-2000The Muffin Fiend Daniel Pinkwater
2-29-2000Ned Feldman, Space Pirate Daniel Pinkwater
3-1-2000Coin Locker Babies Ryu Murakami
3-2-2000the Moosepire Daniel Pinkwater
3-5-2000The Invisible Country Paul McAuley
3-7-2000Black HolesJerry Pournelle,ed
3-7-2000Return of the Moose Daniel M. Pinkwater
3-9-2000Sacrifice of Fools Ian McDonald
3-12-2000Armaggedon: The Musical Robert Rankin
3-18-2000Mush, a Dog from Space Daniel Pinkwater
3-20-2000Woe is I Patricia T. O'Conner
3-21-2000Real Exercise for Real People Peter and Lorna Francis
3-25-2000Aegypt John Crowley
3-27-2000Cannery Row John Steinbeck
3-30-2000Effective COM Don Box, Keith Brown, Tim Ewald and Chris Sells
4-4-2000Chicago Days / Hoboken Nights Daniel Pinkwater
4-9-2000Fish Whistle Daniel Pinkwater
4-16-2000Fairyland Paul J. McAuley
4-17-2000The Snarkout Boys & the Baconburg Horror Daniel Pinkwater
4-17-2000A Passion for BooksTerry W. Glaspey
4-19-2000Words I Wish I Wrote Robert Fulgham
4-21-2000The Free Fall of Webster Cummings Tom Bodett
4-25-2000Kling Klang Klatch Ian McDonald
4-30-2000Dangerous Visions #2Harlan Ellison,ed
5-1-2000Smoke Donald E. Westlake
5-8-2000Howard Who? Howard Waldrop
5-10-2000Quarantine Greg Egan
5-24-2000Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX Carlton Egremont III
5-25-2000Terminal Cafe Ian McDonald
5-30-2000How Reading Changed My Life Anna Quindlen
6-1-2000Before & After Matthew Thomas
6-4-2000The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing Melissa Bank
6-15-2000Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates Tom Robbins
6-19-20005 Novels Daniel Pinkwater
6-22-2000Varietal Tendencies Michael J. Caldwell
6-24-2000The Inimitable Jeeves P.G. Wodehouse
6-25-2000Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone J.K. Rowling
7-2-2000Consider Phlebas Iain M. Banks
7-4-2000Evolution's Darling Scott Westerfield
7-5-2000Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling
7-7-2000Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling
7-9-2000Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling
7-??-2000They Came and Ate Us Robert Rankin
7-??-2000The Suburban Book of the Dead Robert Rankin
7-31-2000Skin Tight Carl Hiassen
8-2-2000Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay
8-10-2000A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller, Jr.
8-13-2000Red Hot Gourmet
8-13-2000The Egyptian Jukebox Nick Bantock
8-14-2000Fata Morgana William Kotzwinkle
8-15-2000The Kid Dan Savage
8-17-2000The Artful Dodger Nick Bantock
8-19-2000The Afterlife Diet Daniel Pinkwater
8-28-2000The Currents of Space Isaac Asimov
9-2-2000The Broom of the System David Foster Wallace
9-3-2000Skipped Parts Tim Sandlin
9-4-2000The Dream of the Unified Field Jorie Graham
9-5-2000Karma Cola Gita Mehta
9-7-2000About a Boy Nick Hornby
9-11-2000The Zen of Cooking Lucille Naimer
9-12-2000Ecstasy Club Douglas Rushkoff
9-13-2000Garlic Garlic Garlic Linda & Fred Griffith
9-14-2000The Design of Everyday Things Donald A. Norman
9-16-2000The Geography of Desire Robert Boswell
9-24-2000The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
9-25-2000South of the Border, West of the Sun Haruki Murakami
9-30-2000The Case Against Tomorrow Frederick Pohl
10-05-2000The Light Fantastic Terry Pratchett
10-06-2000Leviathan Paul Auster
10-08-2000The Meme Machine Susan Blackmore
10-11-2000The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts Louis De Bernieres
10-15-2000The Best American Essays 1998Cynthia Ozick,ed
10-20-2000Wicked Gregory Maguire
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10-29-2000Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual Henry Horenstein
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11-2-2000The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold
ll-3-2000Off the Eaten Path Bob Blumer (a.k.a. the surreal gourmet)
11-4-2000The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians Bradley Denton
11-5-2000Recipes 1-2-3 Menu Cookbook Rozanne Gold
11-12-2000The Nudist on the Late Shift Po Bronson
11-12-2000James McNair's Rice Cookbook
11-12-2000James McNair's Potato Cookbook
11-17-2000A Month of Sundays John Updike
11-18-2000Wrapt in Crystal Sharon Shinn
11-23-2000A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole
11-26-2000Oscar & Lucinda Peter Carey
12-2-2000Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett
12-7-2000The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami
12-10-2000Holidays on Ice David Sedaris
12-13-2000Bag of Bones Stephen King
12-18-2000The Road to Mars Eric Idle
12-20-2000Watching Trees Grow Peter F. Hamilton
1-01-2001Peppers Amal Naj
1-02-2001Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck
1-05-2001Survival, Evasion, & Escape Hank Malone
1-05-2001The Loved One Eveyln Waugh
1-07-2001The Martians Kim Stanley Robinson
1-18-2001The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith Peter Carey
1-21-2001Inversions Iain M. Banks
1-29-2001Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez
1-31-2001The Warrior's Apprentice Lois McMaster Bujold
2-07-2001Burning in Water Drowning in Flame Charles Bukowski
2-10-2001True Minds Spider Robinson
2-11-2001Great Jones Street Don DeLillo
2-15-2001Straight Man Richard Russo
2-22-2001Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons
2-23-2001The Dreams Our Stuff is Made of Thomas M. Disch
2-25-2001Of Love and Other Demons Gabriel Garcia Marquez
3-03-2001The Autobiography of Malcolm X
3-04-2001Big Trouble Dave Barry
3-05-2001Covert Culture Sourcebook Richard Kadrey
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3-10-2001The Colour of MagicTerry Pratchett
3-12-2001Mission of Gravity Hal Clement
3-17-2001A Widow for a Year John Irving
3-27-2001Real Live Nude Girl Carol Queen
3-29-2001A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire Don Webb
4-02-2001Mendoza in Hollywood Kage Baker
4-03-2001The Graveyard Game Kage Baker
4-06-2001The 158-Pound Marriage John Irving
4-09-2001The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath
4-10-2001User Friendly: the comic strip Illiad
4-14-2001The Immense Journey Loren Eiseley
4-15-2001The Republic of Dreams G. Garfield Crimmins
4-18-2001Great Apes Will Self
4-22-2001The Woman in the Dunes Kobo Abe
4-26-2001The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living Martin Clark
5-03-2001Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede Bradley Denton
5-05-2001Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote
5-07-2001Jazz: America's Classical Music Grover Sales
5-13-2001Affliction Russell Banks
5-16-2001How Like a God Brenda Clough
5-18-2001Spacetime Donuts Rudy Rucker
5-24-2001Little Altars Everywhere Rebecca Wells
5-25-2001The Island of Dr. Moreau H.G. Wells
5-28-2001Pastwatch Orson Scott Card
6-03-2001Naked David Sedaris
6-04-2001Black Cocktail Jonathan Carroll
6-06-2001Squashed Armadillocon Paul Riddell
6-13-2001The Secret History of Food Susan Tomnay
6-14-2001Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser
6-16-2001The Double Don Webb
6-27-2001The Glory Road Robert A. Heinlein
6-29-2001Borders of Infinity Lois McMaster Bujold
6-29-2001Oranges John McPhee
7-03-2001Venus Envy Rita Mae Brown
7-06-2001Strange Fruit David Margolick
7-06-2001Dry Water Eric S. Nylund
7-06-2001Eric Terry Pratchett
7-11-2001Essential Saltes Don Webb
7-15-2001American Gods Neil Gaiman
7-20-2001Trailerpark Russell Banks
7-21-2001Dancing Queen Lisa Carver
7-23-2001Mindfield Gregory Corso
7-28-2001Out on Blue Six Ian McDonald
7-31-2001The Ark Sakura Kobo Abe
8-03-2001The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag Robert Rankin
8-05-2001Road Fever Tim Cahill
8-06-2001Jazz Mervyn Cooke
8-06-2001Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World Donald Antrim
8-07-2001Flying Dutch Tom Holt
8-09-2001The Tax Inspector Peter Carey
8-10-2001Who's Afraid of Beowulf? Tom Holt
8-15-2001To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
8-20-2001Men at Arms Terry Pratchett
8-22-2001A Degree of Mastery Annie Tremmel Wilcox
8-27-2001Travels in Hyperreality Umberto Eco
8-29-2001Deserted Cities of the Heart Lewis Shiner
9-03-2001Letters Back to Ancient China Herbert Rosendorfer
9-03-2001Adios Muchachos Daniel Chavarria
9-07-2001The Best Thing I Ever Tasted Sallie Tisdale
9-10-2001Automated Alice Jeff Noon
9-12-2001Timeline Michael Crichton
9-16-2001High Fidelity Nick Hornby
9-17-2001What She Saw... Lucinda Rosenfeld
9-21-2001 Fools Pat Cadigan
9-27-2001How the Dead Live Will Self
9-30-2001Freezer Burn Joe R. Lansdale
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10-15-2001Frontera Lewis Shiner
10-15-2001A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess
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10-22-2001The Truth Terry Pratchett
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10-30-200130 Days in Sydney Peter Carey
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11-2-2001Bellwether Connie Willis
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11-6-2001Slam Lewis Shiner
11-12-2001The Big Bazoohley Peter Carey
11-14-2001Love Warps the Mind a Little John Dufresne
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12-22-2001Bridge of Birds Barry Hughart
12-22-2001Mockingbird Walter Tevis
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12-24-2001Junky William S Burroughs
12-25-2001Cordelia's Honor Lois McMaster Bujold
12-26-2001Booked to DieJohn Dunning
12-28-2001 Remains of the Day Kazuo Ishiguro
12-30-2001Einstein's Bridge John Cramer
1-1-2002 Equal Rites Terry Pratchett (reread)
1-2-2002 The Body Artist Don DeLillo
1-4-2002 To Say Nothing of the Dog Connie Willis
1-7-2002Introducing Jung Maggie Hyde and Michael McGuinness
1-10-2002 Desert Solitaire Edward Abbey
1-16-2002 The 13 Clocks James Thurber
1-27-2002 The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas
1-28-2002 Sourcery Terry Pratchett
1-29-2002 Pixel Juice Jeff Noon
1-30-2002 Voice of Our Shadow Jonathan Carroll
2-3-2002 When We Were Orphans Kazuo Ishiguro
2-4-2002The Discworld Companion Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs
2-6-2002 Mr. Vertigo Paul Auster
2-9-2002 Mort Terry Pratchett
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2-15-2002 Expecting Someone Taller Tom Holt
2-19-2002 The Mother Tongue Bill Bryson
2-19-2002 From the Teeth of Angels Jonathan Carroll
2-20-2002 Smoke Screen Marianne MacDonald
2-26-2002 The Amazing Adventues of Kavalier & Clay Michael Chabon
3-3-2002 Sleeping in Flame Jonathan Carroll
3-9-2002Lamb Christopher Moore
3-11-2002 The Wooden Sea Jonathan Carroll
3-16-2002 Notes from a Big Country Bill Bryson
3-22-2002 Schild's Ladder Greg Egan
3-24-2002 The Story of the Stone Barry Hughart
3-29-2002 A Child Across the Sky Jonathan Carroll
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4-17-2002 Bones of the Moon Jonathan Carroll
4-29-2002 The Gulag Archipelago Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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5-2-2002 Mind of My Mind Octavia E. Butler
5-4-2002 The Buddha of Suburbia Hanif Kureishi
5-5-2002 The Adventures of Barry Ween Boy Genius Judd Winick
5-6-2002 The Adventures of Barry Ween Boy Genius 3 Judd Winick
5-7-2002 Headcrash Bruce Bethke
5-8-2002 The Book Shop Penelope Fitzgerald
5-9-2002 Pedro and Me Judd Winick
5-10-2002 Full Exposure Susie Bright
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5-19-2002 Cry the Beloved Country Alan Paton
5-22-2002 The Architect of Ruins Herbert Rosendorfer
5-23-2002 The Land of Laughs Jonathan Carroll
5-29-2002 Gain Richard Powers
5-30-2002 Replay Ken Grimwood
6-2-2002 The Lost Continent Bill Bryson
6-3-2002 Patternmaster Octavia E. Butler
6-4-2002 Stealing My Rules Don Webb
6-7-2002 Slug Tossing Meg DesCamp
6-8-2002 A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Engle
6-8-2002 Uncharted Territory Connie Willis
6-12-2002 The Gumshoe, the Witch & the Virtual Corpse Keith Hartman
6-14-2002 The Hot Jazz Trio William Kotzwinkle
6-16-2002 Nebula Award Stories Eleven Ursula K. Le Guin,ed
6-26-2002 Perdido Street Station China Mieville
6-30-2002 All the Names Jose Saramago
7-1-2002 As She Climbed Across the Table Jonathan Lethem
7-3-2002 Coraline Neil Gaiman
7-4-2002 Cities of the Fantastic: Brusel Schuiten and Peeters
7-7-2002 Arabs & Israel for Beginners Ron David
7-11-2002 Speaking in Tongues Ian McDonald
7-11-2002 Now Wait for Last Year Philip K. Dick
7-26-2002 Founding Brothers Joseph Ellis
7-27-2002 The New York Trilogy Paul Auster
8-3-2002 A Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin
8-5-2002 The Marriage of Sticks Jonathan Carroll
8-11-2002 Nathaniel's Nutmeg Giles Milton
8-12-2002 Sputnik Sweetheart Haruki Murakami
8-18-2002 4 Fantastic Novels Daniel Pinkwater
8-19-2002 Barry Ween Boy Genius 4 Judd Winick
8-21-2002 Ethan of Athos Lois McMaster Bujols
8-25-2002 He, She & It Marge Piercy
8-26-2002 A Walking Tour of the Shambles Gene Wolfe & Neil Gaiman
8-27-2002 Shadow of the Hegemon Orson Scott Card
9-2-2002 The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold Evelyn Waugh
9-15-2002 The Adventures of Barry Ween Boy Genius 2.0 Judd Winick
9-15-2002 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach (reread)
9-22-2002 Roots Alex Haley
9-24-2002 The Grand Complication Allen Kurzweil
9-25-2002 Our Lady of Chernobyl Greg Egan
9-26-2002 Alexandria Nick Bantock
9-26-2002 Toast and Other Rusted Futures Charles Stross
9-30-2002 Transreal! Rudy Rucker
10-2-2002 Eight Skilled Gentlemen Barry Hughart
10-3-2002 After Silence Jonathan Carroll
10-7-2002 Reservation Blues Sherman Alexie
10-9-2002 Destroy All Brains! Paul Di Filippo
10-11-2002 The Merry Heart Robertson Davies
10-12-2002 The Deep John Crowley
10-12-2002 Strange Monsters of the Recent Past Howard Waldrop
10-16-2002 Martian Time-Slip Philip K. Dick
10-19-2002 User Interface Design for Programmers Joel Spolsky
10-22-2002 OthernessDavid Brin
10-23-2002 Illusions Richard Bach
10-26-2002 Tale of the Unknown Island Jose Saramago
10-29-2002 Guns Germs & Steel Jared Diamond
11-2-2002 The Paper Bag Princess Robert N. Munsch & Michael Martchenko
11-3-2002 White Apples Jonathan Carroll
11-8-2002 Soul Music Terry Pratchett
11-11-2002 ShenanigansSarah Champion & Donal Scannell,eds
11-11-2002 Survivor Chuck Palahniuk
11-11-2002 Divided We Fall Haynes Johnson
11-13-2002 Kissing the Beehive Jonathan Carroll
11-17-2002 Empire of the Sun J.G. Ballard
11-18-2002 The Awakening Kate Chopin
11-19-2002 Little Birds Anais Nin
11-22-2002 Wonders, Inc Crawford Kilian
11-23-2002 The Panic Hand Jonathan Carroll
11-28-2002 Prentice Alvin Orson Scott Card
11-30-2002 The Shadow of the Sun Ryszard Kapuscinski
11-30-2002 Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett
12-2-2002 Waiting Ha Jin
12-5-2002 The Heidelberg Cylinder Jonathan Carroll
12-6-2002 Valhalla Tom Holt
12-8-2002 Miracle and Other Christmas Stories Connie Willis
12-8-2002 Switch Bitch Roald Dahl
12-15-2002 Stupid White Men Michael Moore
12-17-2002 Southern Discomfort Rita Mae Brown
12-29-2002 Aqua Erotica Mary Anne Mohanraj
12-25-2002 My Name is Asher Lev Chiam Potok
12-26-2002 Djinn Rummy Tom Holt
12-29-2002 Whites Norman Rush
12-29-2002 Roads Larry McMurtry
1-1-2003Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse
1-2-2003Possession A.S. Byatt
1-6-2003Lords and Ladies Terry Pratchett
1-12-2003The Best of PulphouseKristine Kathryn Rusch,ed
1-12-2003Andrew Henry's Meadow Doris Burn (reread)
1-14-2003Fitting in Fitness the American Heart Association
1-14-2003The Soccer War Ryszard Kapuscinski
1-14-2003The Cartoon Guide to Statistics Larrry Gonick & Woolcott Smith
1-16-2003The Very Slow Time Machine Ian Watson
1-23-2003Life Form Alan Dean Foster
1-24-2003Declare Tim Powers
1-27-2003Tortilla Flat John Steinbeck
1-28-2003Tepper Isn't Going Out Calvin Trillin
1-30-2003Them Bones Howard Waldrop
2-03-2003My Ishmael Daniel Quinn
2-06-2003Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay
2-07-2003Lord of Emperors Guy Gavriel Kay
2-10-2003Sick Puppy Carl Hiaasen
2-10-2003Marcovaldo Italo Calvino
2-12-2003Riding Shotgun Rita Mae Brown
2-13-2003A Rush of Dreamers John Cech
2-15-2003Nickel and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich
2-19-2003The Corrections Jonathan Franzen
2-24-2003Pattern Recognition William Gibson
2-27-2003I, Robot Isaac Asimov
3-3-2003What Should I Do With My Life? Po Bronson
3-7-2003Trader Charles De Lint
3-11-2003TSOG Robert Anton Wilson
3-13-2003Pay it Forward Catherine Ryan Hyde
3-17-2003Stark Ben Elton
3-22-2003Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
3-25-2003As I Lay Dying William Faulkner
3-26-2003The Bookman's Wake John Dunning
3-27-2003My Uncle Oswald Roald Dahl
3-29-2003Dance Dance Dance Haruki Murakami
3-31-2003Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe
4-3-2003Blue Moon over Thurman StreetUrsula K. LeGuin & Roger Dorband
4-5-2003The White CastleOrhan Pamuk
4-7-2003The Star FractionKen MacLeod
4-7-2003Weight Training for DummiesLiz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg
4-10-2003VelocitiesStephen Dobyns
4-13-2003Set This House in OrderMatt Ruff
4-16-2003CodeNotes for Web Based UIGregory Brill
4-19-2003Bridget Jones's DiaryHelen Fielding
4-21-2003A Far Rockaway of the HeartLawrence Ferlinghetti
4-21-2003Bento:Story Art Boxedited by Allen Spiegel
4-23-2003Reaper ManTerry Pratchett
4-25-2003Uncle Boris in the YukonDaniel Pinkwater
5-4-2003The Seeds of TimeKay Kenyon
5-5-2003From Beirut to JerusalemThomas Friedman
5-6-2003The Reader's Quotation BookSteven Gilbar, ed
5-15-2003City of Saints and MadmenJeff VanderMeer
5-19-2003Programming Interviews ExposedJohn Mongan and Noah Suojanen
5-21-2003EaterGregory Benford
5-24-2003On the RoadJack Kerouac
5-27-2003A Song for ArbonneGuy Gavriel Kay
5-28-2003Villa IncognitoTom Robbins
6-03-2003The Armchair EconomistSteven E. Landsburg
6-04-2003IndigoGraham Joyce
6-05-2003One Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichAlexander Solzhenitsyn
6-06-2003Notes from a Small IslandBill Bryson
6-07-2003Feersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
6-10-2003Creatures of Light and DarkRoger Zelazny
6-12-2003Thief of TimeTerry Pratchett
6-15-2003Bone, vol 1. Jeff Smith
6-16-2003Bone, vol 2.Jeff Smith
6-16-2003McSweeney's 6
6-18-2003Bone, vol 3.Jeff Smith
6-19-2003The Grapes of RalphRalph Steadman
6-19-2003Real ThingsJim Elledge and Susan Swartwout, eds
6-22-2003CapolanNick Bantock
6-24-2003FlukeChristopher Moore
6-30-2003PyramidsTerry Pratchett
6-30-2003Mirror DanceLois McMaster Bujold
7-1-2003Falling SidewaysTom Holt
7-4-2003A Clash of KingsGeorge R.R. Martin
7-5-2003Neither Here Nor ThereBill Bryson
7-6-2003The Complete MausArt Siegelman
7-7-2003TouristsLisa Goldstein
7-7-2003Rubicon BeachSteve Erickson
7-9-2003Fugitives and RefugeesChuck Palahniuk
7-9-2003UndergroundHaruki Murakami
7-10-2003Bones of the EarthMichael Swanwick
7-12-2003The Eyre AffairJasper Fforde
7-15-2003SeekRudy Rucker
7-16-2003The Last HarborGeorge Foy
7-17-2003GridlinkedNeal Asher
7-18-2003Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory Doctorow
7-22-2003The U.N. for BeginnersIan Williams
7-23-2003Little DoorsPaul Di Filippo
7-24-2003Shah of ShahsRyszard Kapuscinski
7-25-2003TimbuktuPaul Auster
7-26-2003Ghost WorldDaniel Clowes
7-29-2003Reading Lolita in TehranAzar Nafisi
7-30-2003Night WatchTerry Pratchett
7-30-2003City of GlassDouglas Coupland
7-31-2003The End of the RoadTom Bodett
7-31-2003SkelligDavid Almond
8-2-2003Snow CrashNeal Stephenson
8-6-2003Alas BabylonPat Frank
8-7-2003Understanding ComicsScott McCloud
8-12-2003SpacelandRudy Rucker
8-12-2003The Fat Man in HistoryPeter Carey
8-13-2003A Year in the Linear CityPaul Di Filippo
8-15-2003Bone vol 4Jeff Smith
8-21-2003Misspent YouthPeter F. Hamilton
8-24-2003The Gift of Asher LevChaim Potok
8-27-2003King RatChina Mieville
8-30-2003Bone vol 5Jeff Smith
9-1-2003New Ideas from Dead EconomistsTodd G. Buccholz
9-5-2003A Storm of SwordsGeorge R. R. Martin
9-9-2003Another Day of LifeRyszard Kapuscinski
9-9-2003HeadlongSimon Ings
9-11-2003The Lions of Al-RassanGuy Gavriel Kay
9-15-2003Moving PicturesTerry Pratchett
9-18-2003Why is Sex Fun?Jared Diamond
9-20-2003The Elephant VanishesHaruki Murakami
9-20-2003The Dream YearsLisa Goldstein
9-23-2003ImperiumRyszard Kapuscinski
9-23-2003PersepolisMarjane Satrapi
9-24-2003Bone vol 6Jeff Smith
9-26-2003Futurama-O-RamaMatt Groening
10-2-2003The InnocentIan McEwan
10-9-2003Endless NightsNeil Gaiman
10-12-2003Wolves in the WallsNeil Gaiman
10-14-2003QuicksilverNeal Stephenson
10-15-2003From David's Pure Vegetarian KitchenDavid A. Gabbe
10-16-2003Stupid, Stupid Rat TalesJeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski & Stan Sakai
10-16-2003Bone vol 7Jeff Smith
10-17-2003Monstrous RegimentTerry Pratchett
10-20-2003Black Projects, White KnightsKage Baker
10-20-2003The Education of Robert NifkinDaniel Pinkwater
10-23-2003Bone vol 8Jeff Smith
10-24-2003Orient GatewayVittorio Giardino
10-24-2003The Morning StarNick Bantock
10-24-2003Murder MysteriesNeil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell
10-26-2003Into the DeepKen Grimwood
10-27-2003The Last HeroTerry Pratchett
10-30-2003Captain Corelli's MandolinLouis de Bernieres
11-5-2003How to Write a Dirty StorySusie Bright
11-6-2003Hear the Wind SingHaruki Murakami
11-10-2003Pasquale's AngelPaul J. McAuley
11-13-2003Fuzzy DicePaul DiFilippo
11-20-2003The Power of OneBryce Courtenay
11-20-2003Across the Nighingale FloorLian Hearn
11-21-2003The House on Mango StreetSandra Cisneros
11-26-2003Word FreakStefan Fatsis
12-05-2003Against a Dark BackgroundIain M. Banks
12-08-2003The ScarChina Mieville
12-09-2003Ultimate PunishmentScott Turow
12-14-2003PassageConnie Willis
12-16-2003Night Moves & Other StoriesTim Powers
12-24-2003Risk PoolRichard Russo
12-27-2003Midnight DaysNeil Gaiman
1-1-2004How to Read a French FryRuss Parsons
1-4-2004The Cartoon History of the Universe vol 3Larry Gonick
1-6-2004CagesDave McKean
1-7-2004Lost in a Good BookJasper Fforde
1-7-2004This Shape We're InJonathan Lethem
1-18-2004My Uncle NapoleonIraj Pezeshkzad
1-18-2004BlanketsCraig Thompson
1-19-2004MemoryLois McMaster Bujold
1-20-2004Freud for BeginnersOscar Zarate & Richard Appignanesi
1-23-2004Engine SummerJohn Crowley
1-24-2004Dude Where's My CountryMichael Moore
1-25-2004Love in VainLewis Shiner
1-26-2004Arabian SandsWilfred Thesiger
1-28-2004The Rainy SeasonJames P. Blaylock
1-31-2004The Music of ChancePaul Auster
2-05-2004Snakes and LaddersGita Mehta
2-08-2004Faust Among EqualsTom Holt
2-12-2004River Out of EdenRichard Dawkins
2-18-2004The New Becoming VegetarianVesanto Melina & Brenda Davis
2-23-2004Travels with CharleyJohn Steinbeck
2-27-2004RadiosJerome Stern
3-1-2004Gun with Occasional MusicJonathan Lethem
3-2-2004On WritingStephen King
3-8-2004Skipping Towards GomorrahDan Savage
3-14-2004Kiln PeopleDavid Brin
3-20-2004The Culture of FearBarry Glassner
3-22-2004On Sex, Motherhood, Porn & Apple PieSusie Bright
3-25-2004MoveOn's 50 Ways to Love Your Country
3-28-2004Tea: Addiction, Exploitation and EmpireRoy Moxham
3-30-2004WanderingsChaim Potok
4-1-2004KitchenBanana Yoshimoto
4-2-2004Kitchen ConfidentialAnthony Bourdain
4-3-2004The Laughing SutraMark Salzman
4-7-200469Ryu Murakami
4-9-2004Altered CarbonRichard K. Morgan
4-15-2004Islam for BeginnersN.I. Matar
4-18-2004UnderworldDon DeLillo
4-19-2004The Quiet AmericanGraham Greene
4-19-2004ZeitgeistBruce Sterling
4-21-2004The Tummy TrilogyCalvin Trillin
4-25-2004Worlds Enough and TimeDan Simmons
5-3-2004Fire WatchConnie Willis
5-7-2004The Red MagicianLisa Goldstein
5-10-2004Nine Parts of DesireGeraldine Brooks
5-12-2004The Ends of the EarthRobert D. Kaplan
5-16-2004Old Men at MidnightChaim Potok
5-27-2004Revelation SpaceAlastair Reynolds
5-29-2004The Evolution of Useful ThingsHenry Petroski
5-30-2004GlimpsesLewis Shiner
6-12-2004LanarkAlasdair Gray
6-18-2004BlindnessJose Saramago
6-21-2004A Peace to End All PeaceDavid Fromkin
6-24-2004Fat LandGreg Critser
6-25-2004Into the Looking-Glass WoodAlberto Manugel
6-25-2004The Sterile CuckooJohn Nichols
6-28-2004Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixJ.K. Rowling
6-30-2004The EmperorRyszard Kapuscinski
7-6-2004Gumshoe GorillaKeith Hartman
7-6-2004We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our FamiliesPhilip Gourevitch
7-12-2004Fallen DragonPeter F. Hamilton
7-18-2004Louis RielChester Brown
7-19-2004As Above, So BelowRudy Rucker
7-28-2004CuntInga Muscio
7-30-2004Bone vol 9Jeff Smith
8-3-2004AngelicaSharon Shinn
8-10-2004The Story of LibrariesFred Lerner
8-11-2004CheckpointNicholson Baker
8-11-2004Eat, Drink and Be HealthyWalter C. Willett
8-16-2004Time out of JointPhilip K. Dick
8-16-2004The No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyAlexander McCall Smith
8-23-2004African DiaryBill Bryson
8-26-2004FasterJames Gleick
8-31-2004SlaughtermaticSteve Aylett
9-11-2004The Mambo Kings Play Songs of LoveOscar Hijuelos
9-15-2004Wolves of the CallaStephen King
9-17-2004Persepolis 2Marjane Satrapi
9-20-2004Perpetual War for Perpetual PeaceGore Vidal
9-21-2004A Walk in the WoodsBill Bryson
10-5-20041968Mark Kurlansky
10-13-2004The Impossible BirdPatrick O'Leary
10-15-2004The Master and MargaritaMikhail Bulkagov
10-18-2004BiosRobert Charles Wilson
10-19-2004The Essential Vegetarian CookbookDiana Shaw
10-22-2004The Secret HistoryDonna Tartt
10-29-2004Portnoy's ComplaintPhilip Roth
11-2-2004JingoTerry Pratchett
11-5-2004After the QuakeHaruki Murakami
11-8-2004Invitation to a BeheadingVladimir Nabokov
11-8-2004Franklin FlyerNicholas Christopher
11-9-2004Shadow PuppetsOrson Scott Card
11-14-2004The Red CouchKevin Clarke, Horst Wackerbarth, William Least Heat Moon
11-15-2004PollenJeff Noon
11-18-2004My Life as a FakePeter Carey
11-21-2004Stories of Your Life and OthersTed Chiang
11-25-2004American PiePascale Le Draoulec
11-30-2004Nobody's FoolRichard Russo
11-30-2004The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. PunchNeil Gaiman & Dave McKean
12-7-2004Adventures in the Dream TradeNeil Gaiman
12-13-2004Winter's TaleMark Helprin
12-20-2004The Curse of ChalionLois McMaster Bujold
12-24-2004The JunglePeter Kuper
12-26-2004The Satanic VersesSalman Rushdie
12-28-2004Kiss KissRoald Dahl
12-30-2004Interstate DreamsNeal Barrett, Jr
12-30-2004Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of DoomA.L. Haskett
12-31-2004Puzzles and Essays from "The Exchange"Charles R. Anderson
1-5-2005The Book Lover's BookLinda J. Kirk
1-6-2005The Tooth FairyGraham Joyce
1-10-2005The Coming AnarchyRobert D. Kaplan
1-12-2005The Stupidest AngelChristopher Moore
1-16-2005Little Green MenChristopher Buckley
1-22-2005Nine Hundred GrandmothersR.A. Lafferty
1-24-2005The SoloistMark Salzman
1-26-2005Night PrayersP.D. Cacek
1-28-2005OM YogaCyndi Lee
1-28-2005Killing the MockingbirdDennis McBride
2-2-2005Dance for TwoAlan Lightman
2-3-2005Paint Your DragonTom Holt
2-14-2005Lord Kelvin's MachineJames Blaylock
2-15-200550 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Personal FinancesGlink, Ilyce R.
2-16-2005In the Shadow of No TowersArt Spiegelman
2-17-2005Rent GirlMichelle Tea
2-19-2005The History of Luminous MotionScott Bradfield
2-25-2005Dark Cities UndergroundLisa Goldstein
2-27-2005Book LustNancy Pearl
2-27-2005The SearchNaguib Mahfouz
2-28-2005Song of SusannahStephen King
3-2-2005The Golden CompassPhilip Pullman
3-6-2005The Subtle KnifePhilip Pullman
3-7-2005The Amber SpyglassPhilip Pullman
3-13-2005The Bookman's PromiseJohn Dunning
3-16-2005The Last ContinentTerry Pratchett
3-18-2005Wee Free MenTerry Pratchett
3-20-2005The Man Who Fell to EarthWalter Tevis
3-22-2005Bowling AloneRobert Putnam
3-25-2005Lost in PlaceMark Salzman
3-28-2005A Place So ForeignCory Doctorow
4-2-2005The Demon-Haunted WorldCarl Sagan
4-4-2005War TrashHa Jin
4-8-2005Someplace to be FlyingCharles de Lint
4-10-2005The Deeper Meaning of LiffDouglas Adams and John Lloyd
4-11-2005AffluenzaJohn De Graaf, David Wann & Thomas H. Naylor
4-12-2005RemakeConnie Willis
4-17-2005Open SesameTom Holt
4-19-2005A Scanner DarklyPhilip K. Dick
4-21-2005A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams
4-23-2005EmbroideriesMarjane Satrapi
4-24-2005Monkey Brain SushiAlfred Birnbaum, ed
4-26-2005A Hat Full of SkyTerry Pratchett
5-4-2005Secret HarmoniesPaul J. McAuley
5-7-2005Shike: Time of the DragonsRobert Shea
5-9-2005Shike: Last of the ZinjaRobert Shea
5-18-2005Kushiel's DartJacqueline Carey
5-24-2005MortalsNorman Rush
5-25-2005Wrong About JapanPeter Carey
5-26-2005GaviotasAlan Weisman
5-27-2005Earth AbidesGeorge R. Stewart
5-29-2005The Partly Cloudy PatriotSarah Vowell
5-30-2005After the PlagueT.C. Boyle
6-1-2005OvertimeTom Holt
6-2-2005Why We BuyPaco Underhill
6-3-2005Lying AwakeMark Salzman
6-3-2005Time's ArrowMartin Amis
6-6-2005The Saracen: Land of the InfidelRobert Shea
6-8-2005The Polysyllabic SpreeNick Hornby
6-9-2005The Saracen: The Holy WarRobert Shea
6-13-2005SiddhartaHerman Hesse
6-14-2005FreakonomicsSteven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
6-18-2005The Well of Lost PlotsJasper Fforde
6-20-2005The King of Elfland's DaughterLord Dunsany
6-24-2005The Cat's Pajamas and Other StoriesJames Morrow
7-2-2005Kafka on the ShoreHaruki Murakami
7-3-2005Citiesedited by John McGreevy
7-11-2005A Thread of GraceMary Doria Russell
7-16-2005The PromiseChaim Potok
7-19-2005Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceJ.K. Rowling
7-20-2005ExcessionIain M. Banks
7-23-2005The Last Picture ShowLarry McMurtry
7-24-2005Lincoln's DreamsConnie Willis
7-26-2005GrailblazersTom Holt
7-27-2005The Big Over EasyJasper Fforde
7-31-2005PashazadeJon Courtenay Grimwood
7-31-2005Black Widow: HomecomingRichard K Morgan and Bill Sienkiewicz
8-2-2005More Book LustNancy Pearl
8-10-2005River TownPeter Hessler
8-13-2005The Time Traveller's WifeAudrey Niffenegger
8-18-2005A People's History of the United StatesHoward Zinn
8-21-2005The Coyote Kings and the Space-Age Bachelor PadMinister Faust
8-23-2005Isaac NewtonJames Gleick
8-23-2005A Song to Sing, A Life to LiveDon and Emily Saliers
8-26-2005The Televisionary OracleRob Brezsny
8-28-2005The Joy Luck ClubAmy Tan
8-29-2005Newcomer's Handbook for SeattleMonica Fischer and Amy Bellamy
8-31-2005The Gentle PowersStella Gibbons
9-4-2005AmazonsCleo Birdwell
9-5-2005The Professor and the MadmanSimon Winchester
9-11-2005Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves TownCory Doctorow
9-13-2005In a Sunburned CountryBill Bryson
9-14-2005PalestineJoe Sacco
9-22-2005EpilepticDavid B.
9-25-2005Jonathan Strange & Mr. NorrellSusanna Clarke
9-27-2005Where's My Cow?Terry Pratchett
9-27-2005Bug Jack BarronNorman Spinrad
9-28-2005Thud!Terry Pratchett
10-2-2005Borges and the Eternal OrangutansLuis Fernando Verissimo
10-4-2005Looking for JakeChina Mieville
10-6-2005Anansi BoysNeil Gaiman
10-9-2005Thought ContagionAaron Lynch
10-10-2005Something RottenJasper Fforde
10-10-2005Library: The Drama WithinDiane Asseo Griliches
10-13-2005Glass SoupJonathan Carroll
10-14-2005The Devils in the DetailsJames P. Blaylock and Tim Powers
10-15-2005Overheard at the BookstoreJudith Henry
10-17-2005Wild Ducks Flying BackwardTom Robbins
10-22-2005Soldiers of GodRobert D. Kaplan
10-24-2005Scrolling ForwardDavid M. Levy
10-24-2005Brittle InningsMichael Bishop
10-27-2005Ambient FindabilityPeter Morville
10-28-2005All Things are LightsRobert Shea
11-1-2005Tourist SeasonCarl Hiaasen
11-6-2005Oryx & CrakeMargaret Atwood
11-10-2005An Alien LightNancy Kress
11-12-2005Have Spacesuit - Will TravelRobert A. Heinlein
11-13-2005Paul Moves OutMichael Rabagliati
11-15-2005Balkan GhostsRobert D. Kaplan
11-17-2005Columbus in the AmericasWilliam Least Heat Moon
11-21-2005The River at the Center of the WorldSimon Winchester
11-23-2005The Alchemist's DoorLisa Goldstein
11-25-2005The Devil in the White CityErik Larson
11-26-2005Cultural LiteracyE.D. Hirsch, jr.
12-2-2005The Dark TowerStephen King
12-3-2005Brothers in ArmsLois McMaster Bujold
12-7-2005A Man Without a CountryKurt Vonnegut
12-8-2005Forsake the SkyTim Powers
12-10-2005An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton WilsonEric Wagner
12-13-2005The Zenith AngleBruce Sterling
12-14-2005BrothelAlexa Albert
12-19-2005SynnersPat Cadigan
12-22-2005An Empire WildernessRobert Kaplan
12-24-2005BlinkMalcolm Gladwell
12-28-2005Angle of ReposeWallace Stegner
1-1-2006Like Shaking Hands with GodKurt Vonnegut & Lee Stringer
1-5-2006StrataTerry Pratchett
1-10-2006A Confederacy of DuncesJohn Kennedy Toole
1-15-2006Who Let the Dogs In?Molly Ivins
1-16-2006Murder on the Orient ExpressAgatha Christie
1-18-2006Memories of My Melancholy WhoresGabriel Garcia Marquez
1-20-2006NanotimeBart Kosko
1-24-2006Grand Central WinterLee Stringer
1-25-2006UnshelvedBill Barnes and Gene Ambaum
1-27-2006Chasm CityAlastair Reynolds
1-29-2006What Would Dewey Do? Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum
2-7-2006Here and NowConstance O'Day-Flannery
2-9-2006I Am the ClayChaim Potok
2-14-2006The Fifth ElephantTerry Pratchett
2-19-2006Just a Couple of DaysTony Vigorito
2-20-2006SnowOrhan Pamuk
2-22-2006A Lesson Before DyingErnest J. Gaines
2-24-2006To the Last ManZane Grey
2-26-2006The Three Incestuous SistersAudrey Niffenegger
3-1-2006The House of PaperCarlos Maria Dominguez
3-2-2006Readers' Advisory Service in the Public LibraryJoyce G. Saricks
3-9-2006Redemption ArkAlastair Reynolds
3-10-2006Gaza BluesEtgar Keret and Samir El-youssef
3-11-2006Chomsky for BeginnersDavid Cogswell
3-17-2006Absolution GapAlastair Reynolds
3-19-2006The Bear Comes HomeRafi Zabor
3-22-2006Green EyesLucius Shepard
3-25-2006A Dirty JobChristopher Moore
3-25-2006The Cloud AtlasLiam Callanan
3-28-2006The Cheating CultureDavid Callahan
4-1-2006Walking the LabyrinthLisa Goldstein
4-10-2006In Your DreamsTom Holt
4-21-2006Foop!Chris Genoa
4-22-2006The Dewey Decimal System of LoveJosephine Carr
4-26-2006SolarisStanislaw Lem
4-29-2006The Anarchist in the LibrarySiva Vaidhyanathan
5-5-2006Standing Alone in MeccaAsra Nomani
5-7-2006The Temple of My FamiliarAlice Walker
5-13-2006Careers for Bookworms & Other Literary TypesMarjorie Eberts & Margaret Gisler
5-19-2006American GodsNeil Gaiman
5-26-2006Mom's CancerBrian Fies
5-31-2006The Last WitchfinderJames Morrow
6-14-2006Fires of EdenDan Simmons
6-15-2006Red DustMa Jian
6-16-2006Adventures of the Artificial WomanThomas Berger
6-17-2006Cloud of SparrowsTakashi Matsuoka
6-19-2006Up from SlaveryBooker T. Washington
6-22-2006Outbreak: Plagues that Changed HistoryBryn Barnard
6-23-2006The ConfusionNeal Stephenson
6-25-2006The Picture of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde
7-7-2006A Circle of CatsCharles De Lint
7-8-2006The System of the WorldNeal Stephenson
7-12-2006Carpe JugulumTerry Pratchett
7-13-2006Starman JonesRobert A. Heinlein
7-15-2006The Practice EffectDavid Brin
7-16-2006Through the Looking GlassLewis Carroll
7-21-2006Hannah West in the Belltown TowersLinda Johns
7-21-2006The Pirates! in an Adventure with ScientistsGideon Defoe
7-22-2006Carnet de VoyageCraig Thompson
7-26-2006How to Learn Any Language Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on your OwnBarry Farber
7-27-2006Longitudes and AttitudesThomas L. Friedman
7-28-2006Genreflecting (5th ed)Diana Tixier Herald
7-29-2006SaturdayIan McEwan
8-2-2006The Arabian NightmareRobert Irwin
8-4-2006How to Learn a Foreign LanguageGraham E. Fuller
8-6-2006Good in BedJennifer Weiner
8-7-2006Go Tell it on the MountainJames Baldwin
8-8-2006Why You Need a Foreign Language & How to Learn OneEdward Trimnell
8-11-2006The Life of the World to ComeKage Baker
8-16-2006Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte
8-17-2006The Fourth BearJasper Fforde
8-23-2006Ellis Island & Other StoriesMark Helprin
8-25-200613 PhantasmsJames P. Blaylock
8-25-2006The Burglar Who Liked to Quote KiplingLawrence Block
8-26-2006Fun HomeAlison Bechdel
8-30-2006The Golem's Mighty SwingJames Sturm
8-30-2006Fax from SarajevoJoe Kubert
9-1-2006Deogratias: A Tale of RwandaStassen
9-4-2006VeronicaNicholas Christopher
9-7-2006The Andromeda StrainMichael Crichton
9-8-2006SpinRobert Charles Wilson
9-12-2006The Know-It-AllA.J. Jacobs
9-15-2006The Pirates! In an Adventure with AhabGideon Defoe
9-18-2006Notes from a DefeatistJoe Sacco
9-19-2006Citizen VinceJess Walter
9-20-2006We are on Our OwnMiriam Katin
9-24-2006Don't Let's Go to the Dogs TonightAlexandra Fuller
9-29-2006Divine InterventionKen Wharton
10-6-2006Anvil of the WorldKage Baker
10-14-2006The Land of DreamsJames Blaylock
10-15-2006Moon PalacePaul Auster
10-26-2006The Illuminatus TrilogyRobert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson
10-27-2006WintersmithTerry Pratchett
10-28-2006Downers GroveMichael Hornburg
11-1-2006Children of the NightDan Simmons
11-8-2006The TickingRenee French
11-22-2006The LivingAnnie Dillard
11-24-2006La PerdidaJessica Abel
11-27-2006Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of SandSamuel R. Delany
12-2-2006The Worst Hard TimeTimothy Egan
12-4-2006The Tipping PointMalcolm Gladwell
12-5-2006You Don't Have to Be Evil to Work Here, But It HelpsTom Holt
12-6-2006Hannah West in Deep WaterLinda Johns
12-7-2006The Rabbi's CatJoann Sfar
12-14-2006Singularity SkyCharles Stross
12-15-2006Mao for BeginnersRius
12-18-2006Shenzhen: A Travelogue from ChinaGuy Delisle
12-21-2006Snow White and the Seven SamuraiTom Holt
12-24-2006The 9/11 Report: A Graphic AdaptationSid Jacobson and Ernie Colon
12-26-2006Banvard's FollyPaul Collins
12-27-2006Iron & SilkMark Salzman
1-2-2007KoreaSimon Winchester
1-5-2007Little Tim and the Brave Sea CaptainEdward Ardizzone
1-5-2007MadelineLudwig Bemelmans
1-5-2007Goodnight MoonMargaret Wise Brown
1-5-2007Mike Mulligan and his Steam ShovelVirginia Lee Burton
1-5-2007The Story of Babar, the Little ElephantLaurent de Brunhoff
1-5-2007Angus and the DucksMarjorie Flack
1-5-2007Millions of CatsWanda Gag
1-5-2007Make Way for DucklingsRobert McCloskey
1-5-2007The Little Engine That CouldWatty Piper
1-5-2007The Tale of Peter RabbitBeatrix Potter
1-5-2007Curious GeorgeH.A. Rey
1-5-2007Harry the Dirty DogGene Zion
1-5-2007Mr. Gumpy's OutingJohn Burningham
1-5-2007The Very Hungry CaterpillarEric Carle
1-5-2007Freight TrainDonald Crews
1-5-2007CorduroyDon Freeman
1-5-2007Rosie's WalkPat Hutchins
1-5-2007The Snowy DayEzra Jack Keats
1-5-2007Pinkerton, Behave!Steven Kellogg
1-5-2007SwimmyLeo Lionni
1-5-2007Sylvester and the Magic PebbleWilliam Steig
1-5-2007Morris's Disappearing BagRosemary Wells
1-5-2007FishesBrian Wildsmith
1-5-2007William's DollCharlotte Zolotow
1-6-2007Prador MoonNeal Asher
1-12-2007The Ethical SlutDossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt
1-13-2007How I Paid for CollegeMarc Acito
1-15-2007The Pirates! In an Adventure with CommunistsGideon Defoe
1-17-2007Author's Day Daniel Pinkwater
1-17-2007At the Hotel LarryDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-17-2007Bad Bear DetectivesDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-17-2007Bad Bears and a BunnyDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-17-2007Bad Bears in the Big CityDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-18-2007You SuckChristopher Moore
1-18-2007Young LarryDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-18-2007Return of the MooseDaniel M. Pinkwater
1-18-2007The Picture of Morty & RayDaniel Pinkwater & Jack E. Davis
1-18-2007Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad BearsDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-18-2007Ice Cream LarryDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-18-2007Guys from SpaceDaniel Pinkwater
1-18-2007The Frankenbagel MonsterDaniel Pinkwater
1-18-2007Dancing LarryDaniel & Jill Pinkwater
1-22-2007Stanley's PartyLinda Bailey
1-22-2007Koala LouMem Fox
1-22-2007Kitten's First Full MoonKevin Henkes
1-22-2007Alfie Gets in FirstShirley Hughes
1-22-2007Amos's SweaterJanet Lunn
1-22-2007Officer Buckle and GloriaPeggy Rathmann
1-22-2007My Friend RabbitEric Rohmann
1-22-2007The Relatives CameCynthia Rylant
1-22-2007JumanjiChris VanAllsburg
1-22-2007The Three PigsDavid Wiesner
1-22-2007A Chair for my MotherVera Williams
1-22-2007The Napping HouseAudrey Wood
1-22-2007The Runaway BunnyMargaret Wise Brown
1-22-2007Red, Blue, Yellow ShoeTana Hoban
1-22-2007ReadingJan Ornerod
1-22-2007Tickle tickleHelen Oxenbury
1-22-2007Tom and Pippo go ShoppingHelen Oxenbury
1-22-2007What a good lunch!Shigeo Watanabe
1-22-2007"More more more" said the BabyVera Williams
1-22-2007PiggiesDon & Audrey Wood
1-22-2007Lucky ChuckBeverly Cleary
1-22-2007Cowardly ClydeBill Peet
1-23-2007Hard TimesCharles Dickens
1-25-2007Ten, Nine, EightMolly Bang
1-25-2007The House that Jack BuiltPaul Galdone
1-25-2007Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?Bill Martin
1-25-2007Sheep in a JeepNancy Shaw
1-25-2007Ellington was not a StreetNtozake Shange
1-25-2007Anno's AlphabetMatsomusa Anno
1-25-2007John burningham's ABCJohn Burningham
1-25-20071,2,3 to the ZooEric Carle
1-25-2007Color ZooLois Ehlert
1-25-2007Moja Means OneMuriel Feelings
1-25-200726 Letters and 99 CentsTana Hoban
1-25-2007The Doorbell rangPat Hutchins
1-25-2007I TouchRachel Isadora
1-25-2007Color DanceAnn Jonas
1-25-2007Time to...Bruce Macmillan
1-25-2007Bread, Bread, BreadAnn Morris
1-25-2007Whose Hat is That?Ron Roy
1-29-2007Pyongyang: A Journey in North KoreaGuy Delisle
1-31-2007Citiesedited by Peter Crowther
2-2-2007Ring o' Roses: A Nursery Rhyme Picture Bookillustrated by L. Leslie Brooke
2-2-2007My Very First Mother GooseIona Opie
2-2-2007Baby's Mother Goose: Pat-a-cakeMoother Goose
2-2-2007London Bridge is Falling Down!illustrated by Peter Spier
2-2-2007Humpty DumptyRodney Peppe
2-2-2007If Wishes were Horsesillustrated by Susan Jeffers
2-2-2007Puss in BootsCharles Perrault
2-2-2007The Three Billy Goats Gruffillustrated by Paul Galdone
2-2-2007Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African TaleJohn Steptoe
2-2-2007The Emperor's New ClothesDemi
2-5-2007Cinder EdnaEllen Jackson
2-6-2007The Book of IllusionsPaul Auster
2-9-2007The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the ApocalypseRobert Rankin
2-11-2007The Muffin FiendDaniel Pinkwater
2-11-2007Ned Feldman, Space PirateDaniel Pinkwater
2-12-2007Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's EarsVerna Aardema
2-12-2007Saint George and the DragonMargaret Hodges
2-12-2007Beautiful WarriorEmily Arnold Mccully
2-12-2007Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific NorthwestGerald McDermott
2-12-2007ExcaliburHudson Talbott
2-12-2007Sinbad: From the Tales of the Thousand and One NightsLudmila Zeman
2-12-2007The Gods and Goddesses of OlympusAliki
2-12-2007King Midas and the Golden TouchCharlotte Craft
2-12-2007God, dog, go!P.D. Eastman
2-12-2007Danny and the DinosaurSydney Hoff
2-12-2007Frog and Toad are FriendsArnold Lobel
2-12-2007Little BearElse Minarik
2-12-2007Amelia BedeliaPeggy Parish
2-12-2007Henry and Mudge and the Great GrandpasCynthia Ryland
2-12-2007The Cat in the HatDr. Seuss
2-13-2007The Best American Travel Writing 2005edited by Jamaica Kincaid
2-22-2007Camp ConcentrationThomas M. Disch
2-24-2007Oracle BonesPeter Hessler
2-26-2007The ParasiteNeal L. Asher
2-26-2007Digging up DinosaursAliki
2-26-2007I Want to Be an AstronautByron Barton
2-26-2007Rain and HailFranklyn M. Branley
2-26-2007The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human BodyJoanna Cole
2-26-2007Check it Out!: The Book about LibrariesGail Gibbons
2-26-2007The story of a CastleJohn S. Goodall
2-26-2007I Love Guinea PigsDick King-Smith
2-26-2007Snowflake BentleyJacqueline B. Martin
2-26-2007That Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis BleriotAlice Provensen
2-26-2007PlanesAngela Royston
2-26-2007Dinosaurs Alive and WellLaurie K. brown
2-26-2007How You Were BornJoanna Cole
2-26-2007My DentistHarlow Rockwell
2-26-2007Going to the HospitalFred Rogers
2-26-2007A Hospital Story: An Open Book for Parents and Children TogetherSara Stein
2-26-2007The Five Chinese BrothersClaire H. Bishop
2-26-2007Barrio: Jose's NeighbourhoodGeorge Ancona
2-26-2007Very Last First TimeJan Andrews
2-26-2007How My Parents Learned to EatIna R. Friedman
2-26-2007MaxRachel Isadora
2-26-2007Can I Keep Him?Steven Kellogg
2-27-2007When the Heart CriesCindy Woodsmall
3-4-2007Fragile ThingsNeil Gaiman
3-6-2007Shadow of the GiantOrson Scott Card
3-7-2007Stompin' at the SavoyAlan Govenar
3-7-2007Happy FeetRichard Michelson
3-8-2007Donald DukFrank Chin
3-11-2007The Genius FactoryDavid Plotz
3-15-2007The Shadow of the WindCarlos Ruiz Zafon
3-19-2007Lonesome DoveLarry McMurtry
3-21-2007Greenhouse SummerNorman Spinrad
3-21-2007One for the MoneyJanet Evanovich
3-24-2007The NamesakeJhumpa Lahiri
3-25-2007The Sex Lives of CannibalsJ. Maarten Troost
4-5-2007Don't Know Much About GeographyKenneth C. Davis
4-6-2007Going PostalTerry Pratchett
4-7-2007The Push Man and other StoriesYoshihiro Tatsumi
4-8-2007The Silicon ManCharles Platt
4-10-2007Chicken with PlumsMarjane Satrapi
4-12-2007Bebop ExpressH.L. Panahi
4-14-2007Player PianoKurt Vonnegut
4-15-2007Monologues for the Coming PlagueAnders Nilsen
4-15-2007The AdventuressAudrey Niffenegger
4-16-2007Monsters are Afraid of the MoonMarjane Satrapi
4-20-2007De:TalesFabio Moon & Gabriel Ba
4-21-2007The Best American Travel Writing 2006Tim Cahill, ed
4-23-2007The Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut
4-24-2007First MeetingsOrson Scott Card
4-27-2007SarahOrson Scott Card
4-29-2007Getting Stoned with SavagesJ. Maarten Troost
4-30-2007Lost Girls book 1Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
5-4-2007Canary in a Cat HouseKurt Vonnegut
5-6-2007Falling AwakeJayne Ann Krentz
5-7-2007The House of the SpiritsIsabel Allende
5-8-2007True NotebooksMark Salzman
5-13-2007Mother NightKurt Vonnegut
5-15-2007The Silk CodePaul Levinson
5-18-2007The Professor's DaughterJoann Sfar & Emmanuel Guibert
5-19-2007The Adventures of Rabbi HarveySteve Sheinkin
5-21-2007The Living and the DeadJason
5-21-2007Wish You Were HereTom Holt
5-23-2007Free CultureLawrence Lessig
5-25-2007Hannah West in the Center of the UniverseLinda Johns
5-30-2007Everything is MiscellaneousDavid Weinberger
6-3-2007Lucky YouCarl Hiaasen
6-4-2007DraculaBram Stoker
6-5-2007HotwireSimon Ings
6-5-2007Lost Girls book 2Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
6-6-2007Cat's CradleKurt Vonnegut
6-9-2007Signal to NoiseEric S. Nylund
6-12-2007A Signal ShatteredEric S. Nylund
6-20-2007The Book of LightsChaim Potok
6-22-2007Emperor Norton's GhostDianne Day
6-27-2007Un Lun DunChina Mieville
6-28-2007The Truth MachineJames L. Halperin
6-28-2007The Best American Science And Nature Writing 2002Natalie Angier, ed
6-29-2007The Sweet HereafterRussell Banks
7-1-2007Travellers in MagicLisa Goldstein
7-2-2007In the Country of Last ThingsPaul Auster
7-5-2007The Summer TreeGuy Gavriel Kay
7-8-2007The Wandering FireGuy Gavriel Kay
7-11-2007The Darkest RoadGuy Gavriel Kay
7-12-2007Lost Girls book 3Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
7-13-2007RatsRobert Sullivan
7-15-2007Surrender or StarveRobert D. Kaplan
7-17-2007Empire FallsRichard Russo
7-18-2007God Bless You, Mr. RosewaterKurt Vonnegut
7-21-2007A Continent for the TakingHoward W. French
7-22-2007Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ.K. Rowling
7-22-2007Red Eye, Black EyeJensen, K. Thor
7-23-2007War by CandlelightDaniel Alarcon
7-27-2007Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern WorldJack Weatherford
7-28-2007Bad MonkeysMatt Ruff
7-29-2007Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy HopFrankie Manning and Cynthia R. Millman
8-1-2007Thursday Next: First Among SequelsJasper Fforde
8-7-2007The Basque History of the WorldMark Kurlansky
8-8-2007SpondulixPaul di Filippo
8-9-2007Bad SexDanny Shanahan
8-11-2007Exit WoundsRutu Modan
8-12-2007GiftedNikita Lalwani
8-12-2007Here Lies the LibrarianRichard Peck
8-13-2007KomarrLois McMaster Bujold
8-14-2007A Civil CampaignLois McMaster Bujold
8-15-2007Diplomatic ImmunityLois McMaster Bujold
8-18-2007TwistorJohn Cramer
8-22-2007The Game Players of TitanPhilip K. Dick
8-28-2007Clay's ArkOctavia E. Butler
9-1-2007TheftPeter Carey
9-4-2007InterworldNeil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
9-5-2007The Nimrod Flip OutEtgar Keret
9-6-2007The Three ParadoxesPaul Hornschemeier
9-7-2007The Best American Essays 2002edited by Stephen Jay Gould
9-8-2007After DachauDaniel Quinn
9-9-2007DeathkillerSpider Robinson
9-11-2007The Carpet PeopleTerry Pratchett
9-11-2007Strong PoisonDorothy L. Sayers
9-11-2007AccelerandoCharles Stross
9-20-2007The Brief History of the DeadKevin Brockmeier
9-21-2007Spook CountryWilliam Gibson
9-22-2007The Little Endless StorybookJill Thompson
9-22-2007Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome WordsBill Bryson
9-25-2007Pride and PrejudiceJane Austen
9-27-2007Making MoneyTerry Pratchett
9-27-2007The Invention of Hugo CabretBrian Selznick
9-28-2007The Reader's Guide to Contemporary Authorsedited by Laura Miller
9-29-2007OnAdam Roberts
10-1-2007Now We are Sickedited by Neil Gaiman and Stephen Jones
10-6-2007Dreams from My Father (audio)Barak Obama
10-9-2007A Feast for CrowsGeorge R.R. Martin
10-10-2007Claws and EffectRita Mae Brown
10-12-2007The Da Vinci CodeDan Brown
10-14-2007MindplayersPat Cadigan
10-16-2007The Return of Count ElectricWilliam Browning Spencer
10-16-2007The Technicolor Time MachineHarry Harrison
10-20-2007Introducing EthicsDave Robinson and Chris Garrett
10-27-2007The Map That Changed the WorldSimon Winchester
11-3-2007A Long Way DownNick Hornby
11-9-2007World Without EndKen Follett
11-15-2007Map of PowerTess Williams
11-16-2007The Children of the CompanyKage Baker
11-20-2007Luminous CitiesEduardo Garcia Aguilar
11-25-2007The Chronicles of AmberRoger Zelazny
11-26-2007TitheHolly Black
11-28-2007The Elfin ShipJames P. Blaylock
12-1-2007Fargo Rock CityChuck Klosterman
12-5-2007Old Man's WarJohn Scalzi
12-5-2007Basket CaseCarl Hiaasen
12-13-2007Changing LightNora Gallagher
12-15-2007Last Evenings on EarthRoberto Bolano
12-16-2007The Lincoln LawyerMichael Connelly
12-22-2007Century RainAlastair Reynolds
12-30-2007Here Comes the SunTom Holt
12-31-2007Parable of the TalentsOctavia E. Butler
1-4-2008The Organ GrindersBill Fitzhugh
1-11-2008Parable of the SowerOctavia E. Butler
1-12-2008Santa Steps OutRobert Devereaux
1-18-2008The HumanoidsJack Williamson
1-18-2008A War of GiftsOrson Scott Card
1-19-2008The Portable DoorTom Holt
1-22-2008The WallPeter Sis
1-22-2008The Gunslinger BornStephen King et al
1-28-2008The Kite RunnerKhaled Hosseini
2-3-2008A Princess of RoumaniaPaul Park
2-4-2008The Story of BDaniel Quinn
2-6-2008Best of Technology Writing 2007Steven Levy, ed
2-6-2008Yoruba Girl DancingSimi Bedford
2-8-2008Diamond Dogs, Turquoise DaysAlastair Reynolds
2-10-2008Dreamers of the DayMary Doria Russell
2-11-2008Best of Technology Writing 2006Brendan I. Koerner, ed
2-15-2008Of Love and ShadowsIsabel Allende
2-15-2008Three Cups of TeaGreg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
2-17-2008The Sign of the BookJohn Dunning
2-20-2008Almost Transparent BlueRyu Murakami
2-23-2008OneRichard Bach
3-2-20081632Eric Flint
3-4-2008Hometown PasadenaColleen Dunn Bates
3-6-20081633David Weber and Eric Flint
3-10-2008Invisible ManRalph Ellison
3-12-2008Travels with HerodotusRyszard Kapuscinski
3-15-2008The Ghost BrigadesJohn Scalzi
3-19-2008Tea from an Empty CupPat Cadigan
3-21-2008Winter TidesJames P. Blaylock
3-24-2008One Thousand White WomenJim Fergus
3-30-2008Pass the ButterwormsTim Cahill
3-31-2008Strange Devices of the Sun and MoonLisa Goldstein
4-1-2008A Universal History of InfamyJorge Luis Borges
4-2-2008The SomnabulistJonathan Barnes
4-5-2008The ToyminatorRobert Rankin
4-7-2008Mission to AmericaWalter Kirn
4-14-2008Fool's WarSarah Zettel
4-16-2008OverclockedCory Doctorow
4-17-2008Impossible ThingsConnie Willis
4-18-2008Shade's ChildrenGarth Nix
4-20-20081968Joe Haldeman
4-23-2008Hearts in AtlantisStephen King
4-24-2008Zod WallopWilliam Browning Spencer
4-25-2008A Thousand Splendid SunsKhaled Hosseini
4-25-2008Eastern Standard TribeCory Doctorow
4-27-2008Farewell to ManzanarJeanne Wakatsuki Houston & James D. Houston
5-3-2008MonkeewrenchP.J. Tracy
5-3-2008InfidelAyaan Hirsi Ali
5-12-2008Present at the FutureIra Flatow
5-13-2008HorizonsMary Rosenblum
5-14-2008Sarah CanaryKaren Joy Fowler
5-25-2008Rainbows EndVernor Vinge
5-27-2008Moby-DickHerman Melville
5-27-2008Saving Fish from DrowningAmy Tan
5-28-2008Missile GapCharles Stross
6-1-2008Ring of FireEric Flint
6-5-2008Assassination VacationSarah Vowell
6-5-2008Glut: Mastering Information Through the AgesAlex Wright
6-6-2008The Dangerous AlphabetNeil Gaiman & Gris Grimly
6-7-2008Shuteye for the TimebrokerPaul di Filippo
6-7-2008Possessing the Secret of JoyAlice Walker
6-9-2008Forty Signs of RainKim Stanley Robinson
6-10-2008Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe
6-14-2008Economic Literacy: What Everyone Needs to Know About Money & MarketsJacob DeRooy
6-15-20081634: The Galileo AffairEric Flint & Andrew Dennis
6-18-2008A Soldier of the Great WarMark Helprin
6-19-2008FrankensteinMary Wollencraft Shelley
6-20-2008Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public LibrarianScott Douglas
6-21-2008The Post-American WorldFareed Zakaria
6-28-20081634: The Ram RebellionEric Flint with Virginia DeMarce
7-1-2008WeEugene Zamiatin
7-2-2008Little BrotherCory Doctorow
7-14-2008AnathemNeal Stephenson
7-17-2008Double WhammyCarl Hiaasen
7-18-2008PersuasionJane Austen
7-21-2008Alcatraz versus the Evil LibrariansBrandon Sanderson
7-22-2008This Gaming Life: Travels in Three CitiesJim Rossignol
7-27-2008People of the BookGeraldine Brooks
7-28-2008Armageddon in RetrospectKurt Vonnegut
8-3-2008StarfishPeter Watts
8-4-2008SummerlandMichael Chabon
8-9-2008Whole Wide WorldPaul J. McAuley
8-13-2008When the Music's Overedited by Lewis Shiner
8-17-2008The Super Crazy Cat DanceAron Nels Steinke
8-20-2008Don't Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web UsabilitySteve Krug
8-27-2008Remnant PopulationElizabeth Moon
8-27-2008Psychohistorical CrisisDonald Kingsbury
8-29-2008Life on the MississippiMark Twain
8-30-2008GlasshouseCharles Stross
9-2-2008Grantville GazetteEric Flint
9-2-2008Gary Benchley, Rock StarPaul Ford
9-4-2008Legends of CaltechWillard A. Dodge, jr, Reuben B. Moulton, Harrison W. Sigworth, and Adrian C. Smith, jr
9-7-2008Circling EdenCarol Magun
9-9-2008Once and ForeverKenji Miyazawa
9-11-2008The Collector CollectorTibor Fischer
9-12-2008The Ghost MapSteven Johnson
9-15-2008Hey Nostradamus!Douglas Coupland
9-17-2008AxisRobert Charles Wilson
9-19-2008Dad Runs Away with the CircusEtgar Keret and Rutu Modan
9-23-2008Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
9-24-2008Virtual UnrealitiesAlfred Bester
9-28-2008The Girl on the FridgeEtgar Keret
9-29-2008BingoRita Mae Brown
10-2-2008The HistorianElizabeth Kostova
10-3-2008Treasure IslandRobert Louis Stevenson
10-3-2008The Ghost in LoveJonathan Carroll
10-5-2008IncognegroMat Johnson
10-6-2008What I Talk About When I Talk About RunningHaruki Murakami
10-8-2008Odd and the Frost GiantsNeil Gaiman
10-10-2008The Call of the WildJack London
10-10-20081635: The Cannon LawEric Flint & Andrew Dennis
10-12-2008The True PatriotEric Liu and Nick Hanauer
10-12-2008NationTerry Pratchett
10-13-2008More Legends of CaltechWillard A. Dodge, jr, Reuben B. Moulton, Harrison W. Sigworth and Adrian C. Smith, jr
10-16-2008Stormy WeatherCarl Hiaasen
10-21-2008Salmon DoubtsAdam Sacks
10-22-2008The Machine's ChildKage Baker
10-25-2008The TranslatorDaoud Hari
10-30-2008Waiting for GodalmingRobert Rankin
11-2-2008The Camel BookmobileMasha Hamilton
11-4-2008The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be GodEtgar Keret
11-12-2008Empire of the AntsBernard Werber
11-16-2008KrakatoaSimon Winchester
11-20-2008The Golden NotebookDoris Lessing
11-25-2008His Illegal SelfPeter Carey
12-4-2008Cadillac DesertMarc Reisner
12-10-2008Small Pieces Loosely JoinedDavid Weinberger
12-10-2008Too Cool to be ForgottenAlex Robinson
12-11-2008The Crusades Through Arab EyesAmin Maalouf
12-13-2008The Android's DreamJohn Scalzi
12-15-2008Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and DeliveryGarr Reynolds
12-17-2008The 21 BalloonsWilliam Pene du Bois
12-21-2008Midnighters: The Secret HourScott Westerfeld
12-25-2008River of GodsIan McDonald
12-29-20081634: The Baltic WarEric Flint and David Weber
12-31-2008OutliersMalcom Gladwell
1-1-2009Rude MechanicalsKage Baker
1-2-2009Midnighters: Touching DarknessScott Westerfeld
1-3-2009Daughter of FortuneIsabel Allende
1-4-2009Burma ChroniclesGuy DeLisle
1-4-2009This Moment on EarthJohn Kerry and Theresa Heinz Kerry
1-5-2009Little WomenLouisa May Alcott
1-7-2009Midnighters: Blue NoonScott Westerfeld
1-8-2009A Flatland FableJoe Coomer
1-9-2009A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtMark Twain
1-10-2009Tomorrow HappensDavid Brin
1-12-2009ContactCarl Sagan
1-16-2009True EnoughFarhad Manjoo
1-18-2009I Don't Know How She Does ItAllison Pearson
1-20-2009Memoirs of a GeishaArthur Golden
1-23-2009Legends of Caltech III: Techer in the DarkAutumn Looijen and Mason A. Porter
1-24-2009The Rabbi's Cat 2Joann Sfar
1-25-2009Inside JobConnie Willis
1-25-2009Tomorrow's CrimesDonald E. Westlake
1-26-2009Beyond CivilizationDaniel Quinn
1-26-2009Red ThunderJohn Varley
1-27-2009The Graveyard BookNeil Gaiman
1-29-2009Empire DreamsIan McDonald
1-30-2009Fine PreyScott Westerfeld
2-2-2009The Dark Side of the SunTerry Pratchett
2-8-2009Iron SunriseCharles Stross
2-11-2009A Newcomer's Guide to the AfterlifeDaniel Quinn and Tom Whalen
2-12-2009A Soul in a BottleTim Powers
2-14-2009American StoriesCalvin Trillin
2-18-2009FoolChristopher Moore
2-20-2009The Man Who Folded HimselfDavid Gerrold
2-20-2009Notes from the UndergroundFyodor Dostoyevsky
2-22-2009HominidsRobert J. Sawyer
2-23-2009Something BorrowedEmily Giffin
2-24-2009HumansRobert J. Sawyer
2-24-2009HybridsRobert J. Sawyer
2-25-2009Library Mascot Cage MatchBill barnes & Gene Ambaum
3-10-2009News from TartaryPeter Fleming
3-15-2009Eva LunaIsabel Allende
3-27-2009Ines of My SoulIsabel Allende
3-29-2009Ender in ExileOrson Scott Card
4-2-2009Food MattersMark Bittman
4-7-2009The JungleUpton Sinclair
4-8-2009The Wizards of OddPeter Haining, ed.
4-12-2009Reefer MadnessEric Schlosser
4-16-2009The MagusJohn Fowler
4-25-2009ShogunJames Clavell
4-27-2009B is for BeerTom Robbins
4-28-2009How to Lie with StatisticsDarrell Huff
5-4-2009Around the World in 80 DaysJules Verne
5-5-2009Steel BeachJohn Varley
5-6-2009FirminSam Savage
5-8-2009A Winter HauntingDan Simmons
5-9-2009Rasl: The DriftJeff Smith
5-9-20099 of 1: A Window to the WorldOliver Chin
5-13-2009American NomadsRichard Grant
5-14-2009Barrel FeverDavid Sedaris
5-15-2009Prioritizing Web UsabilityJakob Nielsen and How Loranger
5-23-2009City of DjinnsWilliam Dalrymple
5-25-2009Calculating GodRobert J. Sawyer
5-27-2009Skinny DipCarl Hiaasen
5-29-2009Carmen DogCarol Emshwiller
6-2-2009Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesJane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
6-8-20091812: The Rivers of WarEric Flint
6-9-2009BorgelDaniel Pinkwater
6-14-2009In the Country of the BlindMichael Flynn
6-17-20091824: The Arkansas WarEric Flint
6-18-2009In PatagoniaBruce Chatwin
6-20-2009Sum: Forty Tales from the AfterlivesDavid Eagleman
6-24-2009Strip TeaseCarl Hiaasen
6-29-2009The Third ChimpanzeeJared Diamond
6-29-2009The AlchemistPaulo Coelho
7-2-2009Lord JimJoseph Conrad
7-6-2009Inside StraightEdited by George R. R. Martin
7-8-2009Confessions of an Economic Hit ManJohn Perkins
7-12-2009The Subway ChroniclesEdited by Jacquelin Cangro
7-13-2009FreeChris Anderson
7-14-2009The Economic NaturalistRobert H. Frank
7-14-2009The ReaderBernhard Schlink
7-15-2009MuscleSamuel Wilson Fussell
7-17-2009The Sagan DiaryJohn Scalzi
7-17-2009Too Loud a SolitudeBohumil Hrabal
7-18-2009PolymorphScott Westerfeld
7-21-2009Wild CardsEdited by George R. R. Martin
7-24-2009The Johnny Maxwell TrilogyTerry Pratchett
7-26-2009Cyberabad DaysIan McDonald
7-27-2009Saguaro RiptideNorman Partridge
7-29-2009TongueKyung-Ran Jo
8-1-2009Me, Chi and Bruce LeeBrian Preston
8-10-2009One Hundred Years of SolitudeGabriel Garcia Marquez
8-11-2009New Concepts in Digital ReferenceR. David Lankes
8-14-2009Aces HighEdited by George R. R. Martin
8-16-2009GirlbombJanice Erlbaum
8-17-2009A Lucky ChildThomas Buergenthal
8-18-2009The Pirates! in an Adventure with NapoleonGideon Defoe
8-20-2009ShamanRobert Shea
8-26-2009Chasing ChePatrick Symmes
8-27-2009DreamshipsMelissa Scott
8-30-2009The Carpet MakersAndreas Eschbach
8-31-2009Einstein's MonstersMartin Amis
9-2-2009Jokers WildEdited by George R. R. Martin
9-5-2009M is for MagicNeil Gaiman
9-6-2009CamouflageJoe Haldeman
9-7-2009The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeMark Haddon
9-14-2009The Sons of HeavenKage Baker
9-16-2009The City & the CityChina Mieville
9-18-2009The White Man in the TreeMark Kurlansky
9-20-2009Magic for BeginnersKelly Link
9-23-2009A Thread of GraceMary Doria Russell
9-23-2009Any Easy IntimacyJeffrey Brown
9-28-2009Why Do I Love These People?Po Bronson
10-1-2009Bottomless Belly ButtonDash Shaw
10-2-2009Black MischiefEvelyn Waugh
10-12-2009Unseen AcademicalsTerry Pratchett
10-14-2009King Leopold's GhostAdam Hochschild
10-15-2009They Call Me Naughty Lolaedited by David Rose
10-16-2009Gods Behaving BadlyMarie Phillips
10-17-2009Mothers and Other MonstersMaureen McHugh
10-17-2009Lighting Their FiresRafe Esquith
10-27-2009Oh, the Places You'll Go!Dr. Seuss
10-28-2009Made in AmericaBill Bryson
10-31-2009UbikPhilip K. Dick
11-1-2009SlumberlandPaul Beatty
11-2-2009GuardianJoe Haldeman
11-2-2009The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and other storiesJohn Kessel
11-5-2009Outcasts UnitedWarren St. John
11-11-2009Dead SoulsNikolai Gogol
11-11-2009StitchesDavid Small
11-12-2009Pecked to Death by DucksTim Cahill
11-16-2009Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseJonathan Safran Foer
11-18-2009Agent to the StarsJohn Scalzi
11-22-2009MistbornBrandon Sanderson
11-24-2009Too Soon to TellCalvin Trillin
11-26-2009The Well of AscensionBrandon Sanderson
11-30-2009The Hero of AgesBrandon Sanderson
12-2-2009The Bromeliad TrilogyTerry Pratchett
12-4-2009BloodchildOctavia Butler
12-6-2009The Bookwoman's Last FlingJohn Dunning
12-6-2009The Big KahnNeil Kleid & Nicolas C inquegrani
12-23-2009Things I've Been Silent AboutAzar Nafisi
12-24-2009Hot, Flat and CrowdedThomas Friedman
12-27-2009Her Fearful SymmetryAudrey Niffenegger
12-29-2009The MagiciansLev Grossman
1-3-2010Nothing but Blue SkiesTom Holt
1-7-2010ParanoiaJoseph Finder
1-9-2010Shades of GreyJasper Fforde
1-11-2010The Adventures of a Special CorrespondentJules Verne
1-17-2010The Year of the FloodMargaret Atwood
1-19-2010Eastward to TartaryRobert D. Kaplan
1-24-2010Visionary in ResidenceBruce Sterling
1-25-2010The Einstein IntersectionSamuel R. Delany
2-2-2010The Lost Heart of AsiaColin Thubron
2-3-2010The Way of ShadowsBrent Weeks
2-7-2010Uncle Ovid's Exercise BookDon Webb
2-9-2010The Little SleepPaul Tremblay
2-16-2010Shadow's EdgeBrent Weeks
2-19-2010The Man Who Loved ChinaSimon Winchester
2-22-2010Crazy HairNail Gaiman & Dave McKean
2-24-2010Look at the BirdieKurt Vonnegut
2-26-2010The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoJunot Diaz
2-27-2010D.A.Connie Willis
2-28-2010Careful What You Wish ForMyrlin A. Hermes
3-2-2010Missing KissingerEtgar Keret
3-5-2010The ChronolithsRobert Charles Wilson
3-7-2010CodMark Kurlansky
3-8-2010Mountains Beyond MountainsTracy Kidder
3-9-2010DawnOctavia Butler
3-10-2010Beyond the ShadowsBrent Weeks
3-12-2010Adulthood RitesOctavia E. Butler
3-13-2010ImagoOctavia E. Butler
3-18-2010The Book ThiefMarkus Zusak
3-22-2010The Pleasures of Cooking for OneJudith Jones
3-26-2010Bite MeChristopher Moore
3-28-2010In an Antique LandAmitav Ghosh
3-31-2010Joe's LiverPaul Di Filippo
4-2-2010BlackoutConnie Willis
4-8-2010Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplantedited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler
4-9-2010Country DrivingPeter Hessler
4-13-2010Food RulesMichael Pollan
4-15-2010Paris to the MoonAdam Gopnik
4-20-2010This Book is OverdueMarilyn Johnson
4-21-2010The Cartoon History of the United StatesLarry Gonick
4-24-2010SlamNick Hornby
4-26-2010Lost BuildingsIra Glass, Chris Ware and Tim Samuelson
5-3-2010The Great Railway BazaarPaul Theroux
5-5-2010The Windup GirlPaolo Bacigalupi
5-7-2010NikolskiNicolas Dickner
5-9-2010Dancing to "Almendra"Mayra Montero
5-11-2010Alcatraz versus the Scrivener's BonesBrandon Sanderson
5-15-2010The Bloody ChamberAngela Carter
5-16-2010The sharper Your Knife, the Less You CryKathleen Flinn
5-18-2010Goodbye TsugumiBanana Yoshimoto
5-21-2010The Swan ThievesElizabeth Kostova
5-26-2010MakersCory Doctorow
5-28-2010Search PatternsPeter Morville & Jeffery Callender
5-31-2010The Places In BetweenRory Stewart
6-5-2010Under the DomeStephen King
6-7-2010Alcatraz Versus the Knights of CrystalliaBrandon Sanderson
6-10-2010Your Money: The Missing ManualJ. D. Roth
6-10-2010The 4-Hour WorkweekTimothy Ferriss
6-13-2010Rewirededited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel
6-14-2010BoneshakerCherie Priest
6-15-2010The Jewish Holocaust for BeginnersStewart Justman
6-16-2010Book of FireKeith Miller
6-19-2010War for the OaksEmma Bull
6-20-2010Let the Great World SpinColum McCann
6-24-2010Pawn's DreamEric Nylund
6-24-2010Tuva or Bust!Ralph Leighton
6-28-2010The Snow QueenJoan Vinge
6-30-2010ThiftyMarjorie Harris
7-2-2010For the WinCory Doctorow
7-5-2010The Summer QueenJoan Vinge
7-7-2010The Art of Eating InCathy Erway
7-13-2010Three Men in a BoatJerome K. Jerome
7-20-2010The Omnivore's DilemmaMichael Pollan
7-26-2010Or Else My Lady Keeps the KeyKage Baker
7-26-2010Facts for VisitorsSrikanth Reddy
7-27-2010Dark MondaysKage Baker
7-31-2010StiffMary Roach
8-1-2010WilsonDaniel Clowes
8-4-2010Rocket Surgery Made EasySteve Krug
8-6-2010Meet me in the Moon RoomRay Vukcevich
8-7-2010Star IslandCarl Hiaasen
8-9-2010The Children of MenPD James
8-14-2010InvisiblePaul Auster
8-15-2010The Woman's Migraine ToolkitDawn A. Marcus and Philip A. Bain
8-23-2010The Cheapskate Next DoorJeff Yeager
8-24-2010Ares ExpressIan McDonald
8-24-2010The Wind in the WillowsKenneth Grahame
8-24-2010The Hotel Under the SandKage Baker
8-25-2010The Man Who Was ThursdayG.K. Chesteron
8-28-2010The Angel on the RoofRussell Banks
8-29-2010The Tale of Mr. Jeremy FisherBeatrix Potter
8-29-2010InstructionsNeil Gaiman and Charles Vess
8-30-2010Bobos in ParadiseDavid Brooks
9-1-2010The Surgeon's TaleCat Rambo and Jeff VanderMeer
9-4-2010Memory & DreamCharles de Lint
9-6-2010ElantrisBrandon Sanderson
9-8-2010Darkness VisibleWilliam Styron
9-11-2010The Ant King and Other StoriesBenjamin Rosenbaum
9-13-2010Other LivesPeter Bagge
9-18-2010Wit'ch FireJames Clemens
9-20-2010Wit'ch StormJames Clemens
9-24-2010The Night BookmobileAudrey Niffenegger
9-24-2010RASL: The Fire of St. GeorgeJeff Smith
9-25-2010Market DayJames Sturm
9-26-2010The Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins
9-29-2010I Shall Wear MidnightTerry Pratchett
10-1-2010Tonoharu part 1Lars Martinson
10-3-2010Travel as a Political ActRick Steves
10-4-2010Catching FireSuzanne Collins
10-6-2010MockingjaySuzanne Collins
10-11-2010The Street of CrocodilesBruno Schulz
10-14-2010BlindsightPeter Watts
10-21-2010Zero HistoryWilliam Gibson
10-24-2010WarbreakerBrandon Sanderson
10-27-2010Legend of a SuicideDavid Vann
11-3-2010All ClearConnie Willis
11-7-2010Email to the UniverseRobert Anton Wilson
11-10-2010Ask a MexicanGustavo Arellano
11-14-2010The Fracture ZoneSimon Winchester
11-19-2010Pump Six and Other StoriesPaolo Bacigalupi
11-24-2010The Big BurnTimothy Egan
11-25-2010CryoburnLois McMaster Bujold
12-3-2010Super Sad True Love StoryGary Shteyngart
12-4-2010The Last ColonyJohn Scalzi
12-7-2010Zoe's TaleJohn Scalzi
12-7-2010RoseJeff Smith & Charles Vess
12-11-2010The Women of Nell Gwynne'sKage Baker
12-12-2010Beautiful Maria of My SoulOscar Hijuelos
12-13-2010The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel ChristPhilip Pullman
12-14-2010A Time to Keep SilencePatrick Leigh Fermor
12-24-2010KrakenChina Mieville
12-25-2010OutlanderDiana Gabaldon
12-28-2010Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of SausagesTom Holt
1-2-2011Cosmonaut KeepKen MacLeod
1-4-2011A Guide to TeaChris Cason
1-5-2011Dark LightKen MacLeod
1-7-2011Engine CityKen MacLeod
1-8-2011Fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury
1-9-2011Philsophy for BeginnersRichard Osborne
1-11-2011The Yiddish Policemen's UnionMichael Chabon
1-15-2011Strength in What RemainsTracy Kidder
1-19-2011Heart of VeridonTim Akers
1-25-2011War and PeaceLeo Tolstoy
1-28-2011OutpostsSimon Winchester
1-29-2011Last Day in VietnamWill Eisner
1-31-2011Dragonfly in AmberDiana Gabaldon
2-7-2011Lady of MazesKarl Schroeder
2-10-2011How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseYu, Charles
2-16-2011Diet for a New AmericaJohn Robbins
2-23-2011IncandescenceGreg Egan
2-26-2011Alcatraz versus the Shattered LensBrandon Sanderson
2-28-2011YsabelGuy Gavriel Kay
3-3-2011SunshineRobin McKinley
3-9-2011PlasticSusan Freinkel
3-11-2011Heroes for My SonBrad Meltzer
3-14-2011Everything is IllumatedJonathan Safran Foer
3-16-2001The White TigerAravind Adiga
3-18-2011The Club of AngelsLuis Fernando Verissimo
3-19-2011MudboundHillary Jordan
3-30-2011The Court of the AirStephen Hunt
4-2-2011In Defense of FoodMichael Pollan
4-4-2011My Year of MeatsRuth L. Ozeki
4-5-2011Native TongueCarl Hiaasen
4-11-2011The Lost City of ZDavid Grann
4-13-2011ClementineCherie Priest
4-14-2011Gulliver's TravelsJonathan Swift
4-15-2011StorytellerKate Wilhelm
4-17-2011Hitting the skids in PixeltownEdited by Orson Scott Card
4-18-2011Lost on Planet ChinaJ. Maarten Troost
4-19-2011With a Little HelpCory Doctorow
4-20-2011The Last CoyoteMichael Connelly
4-23-2011The New FrugalityChris Farrell
4-24-2011The Man with St. Vitus' DanceBart Baxter
4-24-2011The Lifecycle of Software ObjectsTed Chiang
4-26-2011While Mortals SleepKurt Vonnegut
5-4-2011BrasylIan McDonald
5-6-2011WaitingHa Jin
5-9-2011Little BeeChris Cleave
5-16-2011DocMary Doria Russell
5-22-2011Halting StateCharles Stross
5-24-2011SoullessGail Carriger
5-25-2011Tales of the Jazz AgeF. Scott Fitzgerald
5-26-2011FledglingOctavia Butler
5-27-2011Brody's Ghost book 1Mark Crilley
5-29-2011ChangelessGail Carriger
5-31-2011The Wonderful Wizard of OzL. Frank Baum
6-1-2011BlamelessGail Carriger
6-3-2011Teach Us to Sit StillTim Parks
6-4-2011The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksRebecca Skloot
6-5-2011The Unadulterated CatTerry Pratchett & Gary Joliffe
6-12-2011A Fraction of the WholeSteve Toltz
6-13-2011The Invention of AirSteven Johnson
6-18-2011Fully PresentSusan L. Smalley and Diana Winston
6-18-2011Blind Willow, Sleeping WomanHaruki Murakami
6-19-2011Finding George Orwell in BurmaEmma Larkin
6-25-2011Nineteen Eighty FourGeorge Orwell
6-25-2011Poetry 180edited by Billy Collins
6-26-2011The Magician KingLev Grossman
6-29-2011The Third BearJeff Vandermeer
6-30-2011The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling
6-30-2011Catfish and MandalaAndrew X. Pham
7-1-2011HeartlessGail Carriger
7-4-2011Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do ItGeoff Dyer
7-6-2011Beware of GodShalom Auslander
7-12-2011AbsurdistanGary Shteyngart
7-24-2011A Dance with DragonsGeorge R. R. Martin
7-27-2011The Best American Comics 2011Edited by Alison Bechdel
7-27-2011Gandhi: His Life and Message for the WorldLouis Fischer
7-28-2011Holy CowSarah MacDonald
7-29-2011His Majesty's DragonNaomi Novik
7-31-2011Not Less Than GodsKage Baker
8-1-2011The Uncertain PlacesLisa Goldstein
8-3-2011A Visit from the Goon SquadJennifer Egan
8-5-2011Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga DudeNeal Pollack
8-6-2011Cover Her FaceP.D. James
8-7-2011Sex FactsLeslee Welch
8-9-2011The InformationJames Gleick
8-10-2011The Philosopher's ApprenticeJames Morrow
8-12-2011Bel CantoAnn Patchett
8-16-2011JapanlandKarin Muller
8-17-2011KindredOctavia E. Butler
8-17-2011The Geography of BlissEric Weiner
8-18-2011Heart of DarknessJoseph Conrad
8-18-2011The 4-Hour BodyTimothy Feriss
8-21-2011Eating AnimalsJonathan Safran Foer
8-26-2011Burmese LessonsKaren Connelly
8-27-2011The GriffChristopher Moore and Ian Corson
8-31-2011The Best American Comics 2010edited by Neil Gaiman
8-31-2011Julian ComstockRobert Charles Wilson
9-1-2011Throne of JadeNaomi Novik
9-6-2011JetlagEtgar Keret & Actus Comics
9-7-2011Black Powder WarNaomi Novik
9-8-2011Future ImperfectKeith Laumer
9-9-2011Empire of IvoryNaomi Novik
9-11-2011The Thirteenth TaleDiane Setterfield
9-14-2011Victory of EaglesNaomi Novik
9-18-2011Paying for ItChester Brown
9-19-2011Tongues of SerpentsNaomi Novik
9-21-2011Unleashing the IdeavirusSeth Godin
9-24-2011Nine HorsesBilly Collins
9-27-2011ReamdeNeal Stephenson
9-28-2011My Reading LifePat Conroy
10-1-2011Ready Player OneErnest Cline
10-7-2011The Hope Valley Hubcap KingSean Murphy
10-8-2011The Tao of TravelPaul Theroux
10-9-2011HabibiCraig Thompson
10-11-2011Factory GirlsLeslie T. Chang
10-12-2011Real HappinessSharon Salzberg
10-14-2011SnuffTerry Pratchett
10-15-2011Peaceful Places Los AngelesLaura Randall
10-19-2011FeedMira Grant
10-22-2011DeadlineMira Grant
10-24-2011CountdownMira Grant
10-25-2011CaliforniaKevin Starr
10-26-2011BotchanNatsume Soseki
10-31-2011About this Life (audio)Barry Lopez
11-01-2011Mediterranean WinterRobert D. Kaplan
11-03-2011The Bible Repairman and Other StoriesTim Powers
11-05-2011Cloud AtlasDavid Mitchell
11-06-2011Our NunRob Laughner
11-07-2011The Dewey Decimal SystemNathan Larson
11-07-2011Dreaming in ChineseDeborah Fallows
11-16-2011The Big ShortMichael Lewis
11-19-2011X'ed OutCharles Burns
11-20-2011AtlanticSimon Winchester
11-23-2011Scream Queens of the Dead SeaGilad Elbom
11-28-2011The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
11-29-2011After the ApocalypseMaureen McHugh
12-2-2011Last Man in TowerAravind Adiga
12-3-2011Little PeopleTom Holt
12-7-2011Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (audio)Philip K. Dick
12-7-2011The Atheist's Guide to ChristmasEdited by Robin Harvie and Stephanie Meyers
12-8-2011This Land is Their LandBarbara Ehrenreich
12-10-2011The Trouble with PoetryBilly Collins
12-11-2011TerritoryEmma Bull
12-19-2011The World Without UsAlan Weisman
12-20-2011Nebula Awards Showcase 2009Edited by Ellen Datlow
12-21-2011The Simple DollarTrent Hamm
12-25-2011The Enchantress of FlorenceSalman Rushdie
12-28-2011The PostmortalDrew Magary
1-1-2012Nature GirlCarl Hiaasen
1-3-2012The Man in the Empty BoatMark Salzman
1-6-2012WonderstruckBrian Selkirk
1-8-2012OverthrowStephen Kinzer
1-9-2012The Other ShulmanAlan Zweibel
1-16-2012The PhotographerGuibert, Lefevre & Lemercier
1-20-2012Iron CouncilChina Mieville
1-23-2012Liar's PokerMichael Lewis
1-24-2012Swamplandia!Karen Russell
1-26-2012World War ZMax Brooks
1-27-2012The Alloy of LawBrandon Sanderson
1-29-2012One of Our Thursdays is MissingJasper Fforde
2-1-2012The IlluminationKevin Brockmeier
2-2-2012LizardBanana Yoshimoto
2-4-2012Extra VirginityTom Mueller
2-8-2012The Night CircusErin Morgenstern
2-9-2012The LeftoversTom Perrotta
2-10-2012The Best of Kim Stanley RobinsonKim Stanley Robinson
2-10-2012Every Thing On ItShel Silverstein
2-12-2012Everything Bad Is Good for YouSteven Johnson
2-15-2012Up Against ItM. J. Locke
2-19-2012The Empress of MarsKage Baker
2-21-2012Taft 2012Jason Heller
2-23-2012SeekDenis Johnson
2-25-2012The Stone GodsJeanette Winterson
2-26-2012Ship BreakerPaolo Bacigalupi
2-28-2012Non-ViolenceMark Kurlansky
3-6-2012Black Swan GreenDavid Mitchell
3-7-2012The Atrocity ArchivesCharles Stross
3-9-2012The Jennifer MorgueCharles Stross
3-10-2012The Fuller MemorandumCharles Stross
3-11-2012Book Lust to GoNancy Pearl
3-13-2012Hide Me Among the GravesTim Powers
3-15-2012Zone OneColson Whitehead
3-16-2012Hark! A VagrantKate Beaton
3-17-2012TimelessGail Carriger
3-20-2012Deep BluesRobert Palmer
3-25-2012The Marriage PlotJeffrey Eugenides
3-27-2012So Long Been Dreamingedited by Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan
3-28-2012Crucible of GoldNaomi Novik
3-31-2012The Devil's HighwayLuis Alberto Urrea
4-1-2012Among OthersJo Walton
4-2-2012BoomerangMichael Lewis
4-4-2012EmmaJane Austen
4-7-2012Parrot & Olivier in AmericaPeter Carey
4-8-2012Nothing to EnvyBarbara Demick
4-11-2012Sacre BleuChristopher Moore
4-16-2012RailseaChina Mieville
4-20-2012Consider the LobsterDavid Foster Wallace
4-21-2012The Good Fairies of New YorkMartin Millar
4-24-2012Futuresedited by Peter Crowther
4-25-2012The MirageMatt Ruff
4-26-2012The God EnginesJohn Scalzi
4-30-2012The Mongoliad, book 1Neal Stephenson, et al
5-1-2012Suddenly a Knock at the DoorEtgar Keret
5-8-2012Behind the Beautiful ForeversKatherine Boo
5-13-2012The Gone-Away WorldNick Harkaway
5-15-2012A Dangerous PlaceMarc Reisner
5-18-2012The Secret History of MoscowEkaterina Sedia
5-20-2012Sleeping Naked is GreenVanessa Farquharson
5-22-2012The Librarian's Guide to NegotiationBeth Ashmore, Jill E. Grogg & Jeff Weddle
5-27-2012The Museum of InnocenceOrhan Pamuk
5-29-2012BlackoutMira Grant
5-31-2012HarmonyKeith Brooke
6-4-2012The Dervish HouseIan McDonald
6-7-2012Time and AgainJack Finney
6-8-2012The First 20 MinutesGretchen Reynolds
6-9-2012Random Factoredited by Elaine Palmer
6-14-2012QuietSusan Cain
6-15-2012The Pacific Northwest Readeredited by Carl Lennertz
6-22-2012Things That Never HappenM. John Harrison
6-23-2012The Winter of Our DiscontentJohn Steinbeck
6-27-2012The Long EarthTerry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
6-30-2012Captain Vorpatril's AllianceLois McMaster Bujold
7-4-2012Granite Under WaterJeanne Lohmann
7-5-2012Under HeavenGuy Gavriel Kay
7-8-2012A Planet of VirusesCarl Zimmer
7-9-2012The Best American Essays 2007David Foster Wallace
7-13-2012The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg
7-14-2012On Stranger TidesTim Powers
7-14-2012McSweeney's 6
7-17-2012Crackpot PalaceJeffrey Ford
7-18-2012Juliet, NakedNick Hornby
7-18-2012RedshirtsJohn Scalzi
7-22-2012Cutting for StoneAbraham Verghese
7-27-2012The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O'BrienOscar Hijuelos
8-5-2012RASL: Romance at the Speed of LightJeff Smith
8-8-2012Impossible StoriesZoran Zivkovic
8-9-2012The Man with Two Left Feet and Other StoriesPG Wodehouse
8-10-20121Q84Haruki Murakami
8-13-2012The Apocalypse CodexCharles Stross
8-14-2012The AlchemistPaolo Bacigalupi
8-14-2012The ExecutionessTobias S. Buckell
8-14-2012All About EmilyConnie Willis
8-15-2012The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris LessmoreWilliam Joyce
8-15-2012The Lost CosmonautDaniel Kalder
8-18-2012All Seated on the GroundConnie Willis
8-19-2012The Woman Who Died a LotJasper Fforde
8-20-2012FraudDavid Rakoff
8-25-2012LuminariumAlex Shakar
8-26-2012The Pedant in the KitchenJulian Barnes
8-28-2012The New York Public Library's Books of the Centuryedited by Elizabeth Diefendorf
8-29-2012Nine LivesWilliam Dalrymple
9-1-2012Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?Jesse Bering
9-2-2012Impossible Stories IIZoran Zivkovic
9-3-2012Rule 34Charles Stross
9-4-2012Running DogDon DeLillo
9-5-2012Foucault for beginnersLydia Alix Fillingham
9-6-2012Coming Ungluededited by Jim Snowden
9-8-2012The Big NecessityRose George
9-9-2012The Drowned CitiesPaolo Bacigalupi
9-11-2012BallisticsBilly Collins
9-11-2012The Wolves of MemoryGeorge Alec Effinger
9-13-2012Jaguars Ripped My FleshTim Cahill
9-19-2012Allah is Not ObligedAhmadou Kourouma
9-24-2012MainspringJay Lake
9-28-2012Salmon Fishing on the YemenPaul Torday
9-29-2012EmbassytownChina Mieville
10-1-2012The Art of ProcrastinationJohn Perry
10-2-2012DodgerTerry Pratchett
10-3-2012Moloka'iAlan Brennert
10-6-2012The Pirates! In an Adventure with the RomaticsGideon Defoe
10-7-2012Another Bullshit Night in Suck CityNick Flynn
10-8-2012The Library at NightAlberto Manguel
10-10-2012Mother AegyptKage Baker
10-19-2012GarbologyEdward Humes
10-23-2012Roads to QuozWilliam Least Heat-Moon
10-28-2012Some RemarksNeal Stephenson
10-29-2012JerusalemGuy Delisle
10-30-2012State of WonderAnn Patchett
10-31-2012The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt KidBill Bryson
11-1-2012DrownJunot Diaz
11-2-2012Weird Things Customers Say in BookstoresJen Campbell
11-3-2012Blonde BombshellTom Holt
11-4-2012Jujitsu for ChristJack Butler
11-6-2012Kafka AmericanaJonathan Lethem & Carter Scholz
11-7-2012The Age of MiraclesKaren Thompson Walker
11-10-2012Selected PoemsJorge Luis Borges
11-11-2012Popular Music from VittulaMikael Niemi
11-17-2012Galileo's DreamKim Stanley Robinson
11-18-2012The BorrowerRebecca Makkai
11-20-2012The Good Good PigSy Montgomery
11-23-2012The Chemistry of TearsPeter Carey
11-26-2012SpellwrightBlake Charlton
11-27-2012Sand in my Braedited by Jennifer L. Leo
11-28-2012Mongoliad book 2Neal Stephenson, et al
12-1-2012SpellboundBlake Charlton
12-3-2012Albert of AdelaideHoward L. Anderson
12-4-2012Out of Mao's ShadowPhilip P. Pan
12-7-2012Working in the ShadowsGabriel Thompson
12-8-2012Gods and PawnsKage Baker
12-11-201211/22/63Stephen King
12-14-2012The Corpse in the KoryoJames Church
12-19-2012Where Good Ideas Come FromSteven Johnson
12-19-2012WildCheryl Strayed
12-21-2012Article 5Kristen Simmons
12-22-2012Pirate CinemaCory Doctorow
12-26-2012RobopocalypseDaniel H. Wilson
12-28-2012Christmas at Cold Comfort FarmStella Gibbons
12-29-2012God's WarKameron Hurley
12-30-2012Portlandia: A Guide for VisitorsFred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
1-1-2013Foreskin's LamentShalom Auslander
1-3-2013Albert and the OthersGuy DeLisle
1-4-2013One for the BooksJoe Queenan
1-5-2013Down and Out in the Year 2000Kim Stanley Robinson
1-6-2013Banker to the PoorMuhammad Yunnus
1-8-2013Fuzzy NationJohn Scalzi
1-10-2013San Diego 2014Mira Grant
1-11-2013In the WoodsTana French
1-12-2013The Housekeeper and the ProfessorYoko Ogawa
1-14-2013BarkingTom Holt
1-14-2013The History of Eastern Europe for BeginnersPaul Beck, Edward Mast, Perry Tapper
1-18-2013Alif the UnseenG. Willow Wilson
1-21-2013Into the Heart of BorneoRedmond O'Hanlon
1-27-2013The Map of TimeFelix Palma
2-2-2013One Dry SeasonCaroline Alexander
2-3-2013The Uncommon ReaderAlan Bennett
2-4-2013Mr. Penumba's 24-Hour BookstoreRobin Sloan
2-5-2013The Truth about CeliaKevin Brockmeier
2-9-2013I Wrote StoneRyszard Kapuscinski
2-9-2013After DarkHaruki Murakami
2-15-2013Blue Remembered EarthAlastair Reynolds
2-16-2013Strange ItinerariesTim Powers
2-17-2013Shambling Towards HiroshimaJames Morrow
2-18-2013The End of Your Life Book ClubWill Scwalbe
2-20-2013The LikenessTana French
2-24-2013The Virgin of FlamesChris Abani
2-26-2013HaloTom Maddox
2-28-2013Faithful PlaceTana French
3-5-2013Arctic RisingTobias S. Buckell
3-9-2013My Ideal Bookshelfedited by Thessaly La Force
3-9-2013Here at the End of the World We Learn to DanceLloyd Jones
3-10-2013The Dog with the Chip in His NeckAndrei Codrescu
3-11-2013MosquitoAndrew Spielman and Michael D'Antonio
3-12-2013Chu's DayNeil Gaiman & Adam Rex
3-12-2013The World's Strongest LibrarianJosh Hanagarne
3-16-2013City of Dark MagicMagnus Flyte
3-18-2013Strange StonesPeter Hessler
3-23-2013Elvis, Jesus & Coca-ColaKinky Friedman
3-25-2013The TwitsRoald Dahl
3-27-2013The Emperor's SoulBrandon Sanderson
3-28-2013Tex and Molly in the AfterlifeRichard Grant
3-30-2013Travels in SiberiaIan Frazier
4-2-2013The Gate to Women's CountrySheri S. Tepper
4-5-2013The Prisoner of ZendaAnthony Hope
4-9-2013You can Buy Happiness (and it's Cheap)Tammy Strobel
4-10-2013Sex in the FutureRobin Baker
4-10-2013Year ZeroRob Reid
4-11-2013Gone TomrorrowGary Indiana
4-16-2013LovedeathDan Simmons
4-18-2013The Edge of the BedLisa Palac
4-21-2013GreveKathryn Parks
4-28-2013City of ThievesDavid Benioff
5-1-2013ChindiJack McDevitt
5-3-2013Broken HarborTana French
5-5-2013Memento MoriShariann Lewitt
5-10-2013The Rough Guide to Cult Fiction
5-12-2013Book ClubBill barnes & Gene Ambaum
5-14-2013Bright Lights, No CityMax Alexander
5-15-2013ArielSylvia Plath
5-17-2013The Human DivisionJohn Scalzi
5-19-2013Brain RoseNancy Kress
5-21-2013ViatorLucius Shepard
5-25-2013Blood of TyrantsNaomi Novik
6-2-2013The Science of DiscworldTerry Pratchett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen
6-2-2013Raven GirlAudrey Niffenegger
6-3-2013Sexpunks & Savage SagasRichard Sutphen
6-5-2013Introducing Political PhilosophyDave Robinson and Judy Groves
6-10-2013SidelinesLois McMaster Bujold
6-11-2013Make Good ArtNeil Gaiman
6-12-2013The Sharing Knife: BeguilementLois McMaster Bujold
6-14-2013The Sharing knife: LegacyLois McMaster Bujold
6-16-2013The Sharing Knife: PassageLois McMaster Bujold
6-17-2013The Sharing Knife: HorizonLois McMaster Bujold
6-21-2013The Long TailChris Anderson
6-25-2013Number9DreamDavid Mitchell
6-26-2013Bad MonkeyCarl Hiaasen
6-28-2013The Ocean at the End of the LaneNeil Gaiman
7-4-2013ParasiteMira Grant
7-7-2013The Golem and the JinniHelene Wecker
7-12-2013Ocean of WordsHa Jin
7-16-2013The Long WarTerry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
7-20-2013Practical ClassicsKevin Smokler
7-20-2013Walking Up and Down in the WorldSmoke Blanchard
7-22-2013A Short History of Tractors in UkrainianMarina Lewycka
7-30-2013MaddAdamMargaret Atwood
8-2-2013Nights in the Gardens of BrooklynHarvey Swados
8-5-2013Design for HackersDavid Kadavy
8-19-2013After the Endedited by Paula Guran
8-20-2013Just a Geek Wil Wheaton
8-23-2013Accordion CrimesAnnie Proulx
8-23-2013A User's Guide to Neglectful ParentingGuy Delisle
8-24-2013Apocalypse CowMichael Logan
8-26-2013The Spirit RingLois McMaster Bujold
8-31-2013RelishLucy Knisley
9-1-2013DolleyRita Mae Brown
9-5-2013The Black AlbumHanif Kureishi
9-6-2013The Trouble with IslamIrshad Manji
9-10-2013How Green This Land, How Blue This SeaMira Grant
9-10-2013The Hound of the BaskervillesSir Arthur Conan Doyle
9-17-2013ElsewhereWill Shetterly
9-18-2013Ninety Percent of EverythingRose George
9-18-2013Fortunately, the MilkNeil Gaiman
9-19-2013Frequently Asked QuestionsBill Barnes & Gene Ambaum
9-20-2013Live! From Planet EarthGeorge Alec Effinger
9-29-2013Factoring HumanityRobert J. Sawyer
10-4-2013How to Be AloneJonathan Franzen
10-5-2013Book CrushNancy Pearl
10-6-2013March 1John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell
10-7-2013Zombie Baseball BeatdownPaolo Bacigalupi
10-9-2013The Serpent of VeniceChristopher Moore
10-10-2013River of StarsGuy Gavriel Kay
10-13-2013The Day of CreationJ. G. Ballard
10-14-2013Read ResponsiblyBill Barnes & Gene Ambaum
10-20-2013The Unreal and the Real vol 2Usula K. Le Guin
10-22-2013I Sing the Body ElectricRay Bradbury
10-28-2013Northern SunsEdited by David G. Harwell and Glenn Grant
10-30-2013GreyhoundSteffan Piper
11-2-2013Night Sky MineMelissa Scott
11-6-2013The Cuckoo's BoysRobert Reed
11-9-2013The Stardance TrilogySpider & Jeanne Robinson
11-10-2013A Mask for the GeneralLisa Goldstein
11-12-2013The Affinity BridgeGeorge Mann
11-15-2013Headhunters at My DoorstepJ. Maarten Troost
11-17-2013Strong Women, Strong BacksMiriam E. Nelson
11-20-2013Mortality BridgeSteven R. Boyett
11-22-2013American Born ChineseGene Luen Yang
11-23-2013Custer's Last JumpHoward Waldrop
11-25-2013BoxersGene Luen Yang
11-28-2013Both Flesh and NotDavid Foster Wallace
11-29-2013KidnappedRobert Louis Stevenson
11-29-2013The Day Dali DiedJeff Vandermeer
11-30-2013The Last DragonslayerJasper Fforde
12-2-2013SaintsGene Luen Yang
12-4-2013The Fall of the SparrowRobert Hellenga
12-5-2013Visit Sunny ChernobylAndrew Blackwell
12-6-2013The Last PolicemanBen Winters
12-8-2013The Song of the QuarkbeastJasper Fforde
12-11-2013Little FailureGary Shteyngart
12-14-2013Gothic High-TechBruce Sterling
12-16-2013The Lathe of HeavenUrsula K. Le Guin
12-18-20133 to the Highest Poweredited by William F. Nolan
12-22-2013Variable starRobert A. Heinlien & Spider Robinson
12-24-2013HeadsGreg Bear
12-25-2013The Rapture of the NerdsCory Doctorow and Charles Stross
1-2-2014Cuba and the NightPico Iyer
1-6-2014Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo + MeEllen Forney
1-9-2014Countdown CityBen H. Winters
1-10-2014Darwin's Bastardsedited by Zsuzsi Gartner
1-13-2014Hyperbole and a HalfAllie Brosh
1-26-2014Burning ParadiseRobert Charles Wilson
1-29-2014We Are All Zimbabweans NowJames Kilgore
2-3-2014The Scroll of YearsChris Willrich
2-5-2014Monkey BeachEden Robinson
2-8-2014OrleansSherri L. Smith
2-9-2014After the BlueRussel Like
2-10-2014FatedBenedict Jacka
2-12-2014Groove InterruptedKeith Spera
2-14-2014Six of OneRita Mae Brown
2-16-2014The Encyclopedia of Early EarthIsabel Greenberg
2-22-2014The ExplainerThe Writers at Slate Magazine
2-24-2014The Woman Who Lost Her SoulBob Shacochis
2-25-2014Coyote v. AcmeIan Frazier
2-26-2014Raising SteamTerry Pratchett
3-7-2014Legion (audio)Brandon Sanderson
3-8-2014The Queen's GambitWalter Tevis
3-9-2014AnnihilationJeff Vandermeer
3-10-2014Portable ChildhoodsEllen Klages
3-12-2014The MartianAndy Weir
3-20-2014The Woman Who Married a CloudJonathan Carroll
3-25-2014The Rosie ProjectGraeme Simsion
3-29-2014The Men Who United the StatesSimon Winchester
4-1-2014World of TroubleBen Winters
4-6-2014Applied MythologyJody Lynn Nye
4-10-2014The Eye of ZoltarJasper Fforde
4-11-2014MukiwaPeter Godwin
4-18-2014The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg
4-19-2014In the Miso SoupRyu Murakami
4-20-2014The Storied Life of A.J. FirkyGabrielle Zevin
4-20-2014Imagine There's No HeavenMitchell Stephens
4-22-2014Kosher ChineseMichael Levy
4-24-2014Ajax Penumbra 1969Robin Sloan
4-26-2014The Phantom TollboothNorton Juster
4-26-2014Sleep DonationKaren Russell
4-29-2014May We Shed These Human BodiesAmber Sparks
5-6-2014Disturbing the UniverseFreeman Dyson
5-6-2014My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me UpStephen Elliott
5-10-2014PaulaIsabel Allende
5-12-2014The Shambling Guide to New York CityMur Lafferty
5-12-2014Safe Area GorazdeJoe Sacco
5-18-2014AngelmakerNick Harkaway
5-24-2014Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of PilgrimageHaruki Murakami
5-27-2014Ancillary JusticeAnn Leckie
6-1-2014Think Like a FreakSteven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner
6-2-2014O: The Intimate History of the OrgasmJonathan Margolis
6-3-2014HomelandCory Doctorow
6-4-2014Ghost Train to New OrleansMur Lafferty
6-6-2014Messages from My FatherCalvin Trillin
6-10-2014FloodS. Alexander Reed and Philip Sandifer
6-14-2014The Secret PlaceTana French
6-25-2014The Long MarsTerry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
7-01-2014Caleb's CrossingGeraldine Brooks
7-02-2014Tibetan Peach PieTom Robbins
7-03-2014Locke & Key: Welcome to LovecraftJoe HIll & Gabriel Rodriguez
7-05-2014The Intellectional Devotional: American HistoryDavid S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim
7-06-2014Leviathan WakesJames S. A. Corey
7-10-2014LexiconMax Barry
7-13-2014The Magician's LandLev Grossman
7-14-2014Zoo CityLauren Beukes
7-18-2014Caliban's WarJames S. A. Corey
7-19-2014The Emperor of the United States of America and Other Magnificent British EccentricsCatherine Caulfield
7-23-2014Abaddon's GateJames S. A. Corey
7-24-2014The Real and the Unreal Vol. 1Usrula K. Le Guin
7-26-2014SteelheartBrandon Sanderson
7-27-2014The Rhesus ChartCharles Stross
7-27-2014Gods of RiskJames S. A. Corey
7-28-2014Buddha for BeginnersStephen T. Asma
8-1-2014A Stranger in OlondriaSofia Samatar
8-2-2014Definitely MaybeArkady and Boris Strugatsky
8-8-2014UnderstoriesTim Horvath
8-9-2014The Best of All Possible WorldsKaren Lord
8-12-2014The Name of the WindPatrick Rothfuss
8-16-2014My Real ChildrenJo Walton
8-17-2014The Truth is a Cave in the Black MountainsNeil Gaiman
8-19-2014EquoidCharles Stross
8-20-2014Throne of the Crescent MoonSaladin Ahmed
8-22-2014The Madonna and the StarshipJames Morrow
8-23-2014Fake Liar CheatTod Goldberg
8-25-2014The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch ConspiracyJacopo Della Quercia
8-26-2014A Slip of the KeyboardTerry Pratchett
8-31-2014The Children of the SkyVernor Vinge
9-1-2014The Outsorcerer's ApprenticeTom Holt
9-2-2014Lock InJohn Scalzi
9-9-2014The Wise Man's FearPatrick Rothfuss
9-16-2014The Bone ClocksDavid Mitchell
9-18-2014Bathing the LionJonathan Carroll
9-30-2014Skink - No SurrenderCarl Hiaasen
10-1-2014Cibola BurnJames S. A. Corey
10-4-2014RollbackRobert J. Sawyer
10-7-2014Postmodernism for BeginnersJim Powell
10-8-2014The Color MasterAimee Bender
10-15-2014A Blink of the ScreenTerry Pratchett
10-16-2014Library 2020Joseph Janes
10-27-2014The Lord of All ThingsAndreas Eschbach
10-27-2014The Non-Designer's Design BookRobin Williams
10-28-20142312Kim Stanley Robinson
10-29-2014Altitude SicknessLitsa Dremousis
10-30-2014Lena Finkle's Magic BarrelAnya Ulinich
10-31-2014Casting with a Fragile ThreadWendy Kann
11-3-2014In Real LifeCory Doctorow & Jen Wang
11-7-2014The Slow Regard of Silent ThingsPatrick Rothfuss
11-8-2014AuthorityJeff Vandermeer
11-15-2014Kabu-KabuNnedi Okorafor
11-15-2014Hansel & GretelNeil Gaiman & Lorenzo Mattotti
11-17-2014We are All Completely Beside OurselvesKaren Joy Fowler
11-20-2014Frog MusicEmma Donoghue
11-24-2014The Public LibraryRobert Dawson
11-28-2014Distrust that Particular FlavorWilliam Gibson
11-29-2014A Crack in the Edge of the WorldSimon Winchester
11-30-2014BooksLarry McMurtry
12-1-2014Promised LandConnie Willis and Cynthia Felice
12-4-2014Horse of a Different ColorHoward Waldrop
12-5-2014PlanesrunnerIan McDonald
12-7-2014Be My EnemyIan McDonald
12-12-2014I Remember BeirutZeina Abirached
12-13-2014What Makes This Book So GreatJo Walton
12-14-2014Empress of the SunIan McDonald
12-17-2014GhostwrittenDavid Mitchell
12-17-2014The Nightmare FactoryThomas Ligotti
12-20-2014The Best American Poetry 2007edited by Heather McHugh
12-21-2014A Game for SwallowsZeina Abirached
12-21-2014BonkMary Roach
12-22-2014Teaching the Dog to ReadJonathan Carroll
12-24-2014The Evolution ManRoy Lewis
12-25-2014The ChurnJames S. A. Corey
12-25-2014The Book of Unknown AmericansChristina Henriquez
12-29-2014Hidden CitiesMoses Gates
1-1-2015SymbiontMira Grant
1-2-2015Steps Through the MistZoran Zivkovic
1-3-2015The Strange LibraryHaruki Murakami
1-11-2015Dreams and ShadowsC. Robert Cargill
1-14-2015A Choice of GodsClifford D. Simak
1-17-2015Kierkegaard for BeginnersDonald D. Palmer
1-17-2015The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpMarie Kondo
1-18-2015Birthday StoriesHaruki Murakami
1-19-2015Childlesscompiled by Hilary Crahan
1-19-2015The Immortal BartfussAharon Appelfeld
1-19-2015The Old Man Who Read Love StoriesLuis Sepulveda
1-19-2015Prose Poems by Kahlil Gibran
1-20-2015The Woman Who thought She Was a PlanetVandana Singh
1-24-2015Better than LifeDaniel Pennac
1-25-2015Too Much InformationGene Ambaum & Bill Barnes
1-25-2015Fire on the MountainTerry Bisson
1-31-2015Travel LightNaomi Mitchison
2-2-2015The Best American Travel Writing 2012edited by William Vollman
2-16-2015Galapagos RegainedJames Morrow
2-22-2015The Book of Strange New ThingsMichel Faber
2-23-2015AmericanahChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
3-1-2015CairoG. Willow Wilson
3-1-2015SevenevesNeal Stephenson
3-3-2015UprootedNaomi Novik
3-7-2015Get in TroubleKelly Link
3-8-2015Travelling the WorldPaul Theroux
3-10-2015World War II for BeginnersEroll Selkirk
3-11-2015AcceptanceJeff Vandermeer
3-14-2015The Best American Comics 2006edited by Harvey Pekar
3-16-2015DoughnutTom Holt
3-18-2015Good Omens (reread)Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
3-20-2015Can't We Talk About Something More PleasantRoz Chast
3-23-2015Thousandth NightAlastair Reynolds
3-25-2015Paladin of SoulsLois McMaster Bujold
3-27-2015The Hallowed HuntLois McMaster Bujold
4-1-2015EpitaphMary Doria Russell
4-2-2015Dragons at Crumbling CastleTerry Pratchett
4-9-2015MississippiAnthony Walton
4-11-2015City of StairsRobert Jackson Bennett
4-12-2015Re-BirthJohn Wyndham
4-19-2015The King's PeaceJo Walton
4-20-2015Who fears DeathNnedi Okorafor
4-22-2015The King's NameJo Walton
4-23-2015The Prize in the GameJo Walton
4-25-2015The Doubt FactoryPaolo Bacigalupi
4-25-2015The SculptorScott McCloud
4-26-2015Information Doesn't Want to be FreeCory Doctorow
4-29-2015Sacagawea's NicknameLarry McMurtry
5-2-2015PsionJoan Vinge
5-2-2015Large PrintGene Ambaum & Bill Barnes
5-4-2015Shelf Lifeedited by Greg Ketter
5-7-2015LockstepKarl Schroeder
5-13-2015Orange CountyGustavo Arellano
5-16-2015ProKatha Pollitt
5-16-2015Unlocking the AirUrsula K. Le Guin
5-16-2015Cobalt City Timeslipedited by C. Dombrowski
5-17-2015Station ElevenEmily St. John Mandel
5-22-2015TimeboundRysa Walker
5-22-2015The Goblin EmperorKatherine Addison
5-31-2015The Feminine MistakeLeslie Bennetts
6-2-2015ObabakoakBernardo Atxaga
6-3-2015The Water KnifePaolo Bacigalupi
6-8-2015The Family TradeCharles Stross
6-11-2015Out on the WireJessica Abel
6-12-2015A History of the World in 6 GlassesTom Standage
6-13-2015Ancillary SwordAnn Leckie
6-20-2015The Three-Body ProblemLiu Cixin
6-26-2015ArmadaErnest Cline
6-28-2015Nemesis GamesJames S. A. Corey
6-30-2015Y: the Last Man - UnmannedBrian K. Vaughan
7-6-2015Granta 20: In Trouble Again
7-23-2015The PeripheralWilliam Gibson
7-28-2015The Relaxation ResponseHerbert Benson
7-29-2015On the Shoulders of GiantsKareen Abdul-Jabbar
7-29-2015Human Nature: The Japanese Garden of Portland, OregonBruce Taylor Hamilton
8-2-2015Rad American Women A-ZKate Schatz & Miriam Klein Stahl
8-2-2015Servants of the MapAndrea Barrett
8-5-2015Saints and StrangersAngela Carter
8-7-2015Alias GraceMargaret Atwood
8-7-2015Blood, Tin, StrawSharon Olds
8-7-2015The Best American Comics 2012Francoise Mouly
8-11-2015On Her TrailJohn Dickerson
8-13-2015The Seven Good YearsEtgar Keret
8-15-2015The End of All ThingsJohn Scalzi
8-21-2015Between the World and MeTa-Nehisi Coates
8-24-2015SlippageHarlan Ellison
8-25-2015Please Do Not Taunt the OctopusMira Grant
8-25-2015Heal Your HeadacheDavid Buchholz
8-29-2015Y: The Last Man - CyclesBrian K. Vaughan
8-30-2015John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity LevelsTheophilius Pratt
8-30-2015Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating StatesChris Fair
9-2-2015Penric's DemonLois McMaster Bujold
9-3-2015Secondhand SoulsChristopher Moore
9-7-2015The Shepherd's CrownTerry Pratchett
9-12-2015The Long UtopiaTerry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
9-13-2015Slade HouseDavid Mitchell
9-18-2015The Bones of TimeKathleen Ann Goonan
9-24-2015Now and ThenJoseph Heller
10-3-2015Wind/PinballHaruki Murakami
10-3-2015Perfidious ManWill Self & David Gamble
10-10-2015Here, There, ElsewhereWilliam Least Heat-Moon
10-10-2015Sex Criminals: One Weird TrickMatt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
10-11-2015The Open RoadPico Iyer
10-11-2015Africa ZeroNeal Asher
10-12-2015The Apex Book of World SF 4edited by Mahvesh Murad
10-14-2015The RithmatistBrandon Sanderson
10-15-2015We Should All Be FeministsChimamanda Ngozi Adiche
10-16-2015AnnoyingJoe Palca & Flora Lichtman
10-17-2015LagoonNnedi Okorafor
10-18-2015LibriomancerJim C. Hines
10-19-2015Orsinian TalesUrsula K. Le Guin
10-20-2015The World of PooTerry Pratchett
10-23-2015The Tango SingerTomas Eloy Martinex
10-25-2015Lovecraft CountryMatt Ruff
10-30-2015Sex Criminals: Two Worlds, One CopMatt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
10-31-2015EmergenceSteven Johnson
10-31-2015The Invention of SolitudePaul Auster
11-1-2015The Sleeper and the SpindleNeil Gaiman
11-3-2015Dragon's Fin SoupS. P. Somtow
11-7-2015The Door to Lost PagesClaude Lalumiere
11-13-2015The End of the End of EverythingDale Bailey
11-13-2015Finding My ElegyUrsula K. Le Guin
11-14-2015Face of a StrangerYoji Yamaguchi
11-19-2015Saturn RunJohn Sandford & Ctein
11-20-2015SpinsterKate Bolick
11-21-2015Gentleman Jole and the Red QueenLois McMaster Bujold
11-22-2015Happiness is a Warm Corpseedited by Alfred Hitchcock
11-23-2015The Sandman: OvertureNeil Gaiman
11-26-2015The Annihilation ScoreCharles Stross
11-27-2015Polar DreamHelen Thayer
11-29-2015WoolHugh Howey
11-30-2015Pole Dancing to Gospel HymnsAndrea Gibson
12-1-2015Y: The Last Man - One Small StepBrian K. Vaughan
12-1-2015Y: The Last Man - SafewordBrian K. Vaughan
12-1-2015Y: The Last Man - Ring of TruthBrian K. Vaughan
12-2-2015In the Penny ArcadeSteven Millhauser
12-5-2015Y: The Last Man - Girl on GirlBrian K. Vaughan
12-5-2015Y: The Last Man - Paper DollsBrian K. Vaughan
12-6-2015Nip the Buds Shoot the KidsKenzaburo Oe
12-6-2015Y: The Last Man - Kimono DragonsBrian K. Vaughan
12-6-2015Y: The Last Man - MotherlandBrian K. Vaughan
12-6-2015Y: The Last Man - Whys and WhereforesBrian K. Vaughan
12-11-2015Geektasticedited by Holly Black and Cecil Catellucci
12-13-2015Radio Free AlbemuthPhilip K. Dick
12-13-2015ShaneJack Schaeffer
12-14-2015The Quantum ThiefHannu Rajaniemi
12-16-2015Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian SwordspersonGeorge Alec Effinger
12-16-2015Code Monkey Save World by Greg Pak et al.
12-18-2015London's OverthrowChina Mieville
12-19-2015The Library of Unrequited LoveSophie Divry
12-24-2015Out on the WireJessica Abel
12-27-2015PacificSimon Winchester
12-28-2015ChimeraMira Grant
1-1-2016ShiftHugh Howey
1-2-2016Nell Gwynne's on Land and at SeaKage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew
1-4-2016The Day the Dead Came to Show and TellMira Grant
1-5-2016Hieroglyphedited by Ed Finn and Kathryn Cramer
1-9-2016The Fifth SeasonN. K. Jemisin
1-10-2016The Vital AbyssJames S. A. Corey
1-11-2016Nell Gwynne's Scarlet SpyKage Baker
1-11-2016Weighing ShadowsLisa Goldstein
1-17-2016Where the Golden Apples GrowKage Baker
1-20-2016The Soloist(audio) Steve Lopez
1-22-2016Medusa's WebTim Powers
1-23-2016Three Moments of an ExplosionChina Mieville
1-30-2016Underground AirlinesBen Winters
1-31-2016Fantastic Aliceedited by Margaret Weis
2-4-2016BintiNnedi Okorafor
2-7-2016The Girl with All the GiftsM.R. Carey
2-10-2016The Player of GamesIain M. Banks
2-15-2016Ms. Marvel: Generation WhyG. Willow Wilson
2-16-2016Rolling in the DeepMira Grant
2-20-2016The Yiddish Policemen's UnionMichael Chabon
2-23-2016Codex BornJim Hines
2-24-2016Outrageous Acts and Everday RebellionsGloria Steinem
2-28-2016Meanwhile in San FranciscosoWendy MacNaughton
2-29-2016The Book of PhoenixNnedi Okorafor
2-29-2016ShelterSusan Palwick
3-6-2016Count Geiger's BluesMichael Bishop
3-8-2016One of UsTawni O'Dell
3-9-2016The World Will Follow JoyAlice Walker
3-10-2016In the Company of OthersJulie E. Czerneda
3-12-2016We Have Always Lived in the CastleShirley Jackson
3-14-2016The Tsar of Love and TechnoAnthony Marra
3-15-2016All the Birds in the SkyCharlie Jane Anders
3-16-2016The Monster who Ate My PeasDanny Schnitzlein & Matt Faulkner
3-22-2016Speaking Treason FluentlyTim Wise
4-2-2016Luna: New MoonIan McDonald
4-8-2016DustHugh Howey
4-12-2016Crystal NightsGreg Egan
4-13-2016Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los AngelesDavid L. Ulin
4-13-2016The Civility SolutionR. M. Forni
4-15-2016UnboundJim Hines
4-23-2016The Silent GondoliersWilliam Goldman
4-23-2016A Tomb for Boris DavidovichDanilo Kis
4-23-2016Time GiftsZoran Zivkovic
4-24-2016This Census-TakerChina Mieville
4-24-2016Tales from a Troubled LandAlan Paton
4-27-2016KalimantanLucius Shepard
4-28-2016The Pharos GateNick Bantock
4-28-2016The DispossessedUrsula K. Le Guin
4-29-2016StephanieHerbert Rosendorfer
5-4-2016Journeys on the Silk RoadJoyce Morgan & Conrad Walters
5-10-2016League of DragonsNaomi Novik
5-10-2016Akata WitchNnedi Okorafor
5-13-2016The Traitor Baru CormorantSeth Dickinson
5-15-2016Saga Volume 1Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
5-15-2016PilgrimageZenna Henderson
5-23-2016Saga Volume 2Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
5-27-2016The Gardens of DemocracyEric Liu & Nick Hanauer
5-28-2016An Unexpected LightJason Elliott
5-31-2016The Library at Mount CharScott Hawkins
6-5-2016AphroditeIsabel Allende
6-6-2016The Gigantic Beard That Was EvilStephen Collins
6-9-2016The Stories in Betweenedited by Greg Shauer, Jeanne B. benzel
and W. H. Horner
6-10-2016The Merro TreeKatie Waitman
6-11-2016FellsideM. R. Carey
6-13-2016Saga Volume 3Brikan K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
6-14-2016Nervous SystemJan Lars Jensen
6-15-2016Perfect StateBrandon Sanderson
6-22-2016Saga volume 4Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
6-25-2016Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American CityMatthew Desmond
6-29-2016Geek Feminist RevolutionKameron Hurley
6-30-2016Ancillary MercyAnn Leckie
6-30-2016Penric and the ShamanLois McMaster Bujold
7-1-2016Slow BulletsAlastair Reynolds
7-2-2016If This Isn't Nice What IsKurt Vonnegut
7-3-2016Streets of LaredoLarry McMurtry
7-8-2016Saga Volume 5Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan
7-9-2016The Story of SushiTrevor Corson
7-13-2016City of BladesRobert Jackson Bennett
7-18-2016SpellbreakerBlake Charlton
7-23-2016How the World Became QuietRachel Swirsky
7-23-2016Pride of baghdadBrian K. Vaughan & Niko Henrichon
7-30-2016Luke Skywalker Can't ReadRyan Britt
7-31-2016The Hidden FamilyCharles Stross
8-2-20161 Dead in AtticChris Rose
8-3-2016Tagging the MoonS. P. Somtow
8-5-2016Paper Girls 1Brian K. Vaughan
8-7-2016How to Talk to Girls at PartiesNeil Gaiman, Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba
8-7-2016The Last Light of the SunGuy Gavriel Kay
8-13-2016The Hollow EarthRudy Rucker
8-15-2016Putting the User First: 30 Strategies for Transforming Library ServicesCourtney Greene McDonald
8-17-2016Archivist WaspNicole Kornher-Stace
8-17-2016The Holy Bible: Abridged Beyond the Point of UsefulnessZach Weiner
8-18-2016After Long SilenceSheri S. Tepper
8-22-2016The Obelisk GateN. K. Jemisin
8-27-2016PatienceDaniel Clowes
8-28-2016A. D. New Orleans after the DelugeJosh Neufeld
8-31-2016Terms of EnlistmentMarko Kloos
9-2-2016A Knight of the Seven KingdomsGeorge R. R. Martin
9-3-2016AuroraKim Stanley Robinson
9-5-2016The Wind's Twelve QuartersUrsula K. Le Guin
9-8-2016HiroshimaJohn Hershey
9-11-2016The Dark TalentBrandon Sanderson
9-16-2016RimAlexander Besher
9-29-2016AmericusM.K. Reed and Jonathan Hill
10-5-2016Fast Ships, Black Salsedited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
10-7-2016Electric Velocipede Issue 17/18
10-9-2016In Search of the BluesMarybeth Hamilton
10-12-2016JackabyWilliam Ritter
10-15-2016Saga vol 6Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
10-16-2016Racism: A Very Short IntroductionAli Rattansi
10-17-2016Blood BrothersSteven Barnes
10-18-2016The Other WindUrsula K. Le Guin
10-22-2016A Constellation of Vital PhenomenaAnthony Marra
10-26-2016CrosstalkConnie Willis
10-29-2016Three Days to NeverTim Powers
11-2-2016The Cartoon Introduction to PhilosophyMichael F. Patton & Kevin Cannon
11-2-2016The TrespasserTana French
11-3-2016Devil Sent the RainTom Piazza
11-6-2016The New Jim CrowMichelle Alexander
11-9-2016The Golem and the JinniHelene Wecker
11-11-2016SummerlongPeter S. Beagle
11-14-2016The Dispatcher (audio)John Scalzi
11-17-2016March Book TwoJohn Lewis, Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell
11-19-2016Rad Women WorldwideKate Schatz & Miriam Klein Stahl
11-20-2016GrassSheri Tepper
11-21-2016Troll BridgeNeil Gaiman & Colleen Doran
11-27-2016Penric's MissionLois McMaster Bujold
11-30-2016How I Shed My SkinJim Grimsley
12-5-2016We Who Are About To...Joanna Russ
12-5-2016You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)Felicia Day
12-8-2016Paper Citiesedited by Ekaterina Sedia
12-16-2016The Underground Railroad (audio)Colson Whitehead
12-18-2016Nightmare StacksCharles Stross
12-24-2016Babylon's AshesJames S. A. Corey
12-30-2016The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner and Other StoriesTerry Pratchett
1-1-2017Bone: CodaJeff Smith
1-6-2017Summer King, Winter FoolLisa Goldstein
1-8-2017The View from the Cheap SeatsNeil Gaiman
1-9-2017AsleepBanana Yoshimoto
1-9-2017Fight Like a GirlLaura Barcella
1-12-2017OverdueGene Ambaum, Bill Barnes & Chris Hallbeck
1-13-2017VisceraGabriel Squailia
1-15-2017$2.00 a DayKathryn Edin & H. Luke Shaefer
1-16-2017Shadow of the Silk RoadColin Thubron
1-21-2017What We Do Now: Standing up for Your Values in Trump's Americaedited by Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians
1-22-2017Fire in the HeartMark R. Warren
1-24-2017Beyond this Dark HouseGuy Gavriel Kay
1-29-2017City of MiraclesRobert Jackson Bennett
2-5-2017The Echo MakerRichard Powers
2-9-2017AstoriaPeter Stark
2-10-2017Binti: HomeNnedi Okorafor
2-15-2017Norse MythologyNeil Gaiman
2-16-2017One Week in the LibraryW. Maxwell Prince, John Amor & Kathryn Layno
2-17-2017The Good, the Bad and the SmugTom Holt
2-21-2017The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustClaire North
2-24-2017NimonaNoelle Stevenson
2-27-2017Six WakesMur Lafferty
3-3-2017The Slave Next DoorKevin Bales & Ron Soodalter
3-4-2017The Fire Next TimeJames Baldwin
3-4-2017Mira's Last DanceLois McMaster Bujold
3-5-2017EverfairNisi Shawl
3-6-2017The Private EyeBrian K. Vaughan
3-8-2017Passing StrangeEllen Klages
3-8-2017The Shadow of What We WereLuis Sepulveda
3-13-2017The Encyclopedia of Trouble and SpaciousnessRebecca Solnit
3-15-2017Bad FeministRoxanne Gay
3-24-2017LumberJanes 1Noelle Stevenson
3-26-2017New York 2140Kim Stanley Robinson
3-26-2017My AntoniaWilla Cather
3-29-2017Walk Like a BuddhaLodro Rinzler
4-2-2017Saga vol 7Brian Vaughan & Fiona Staples
4-7-2017TenderSofia Samatar
4-8-2017The Shadow SpeakerNnedi Okorafor
4-13-2017The Bad-Ass Librarians of TimbuktuJoshua Hammer
4-14-2017So Many Books, So Little TimeSara Nelson
4-15-2017Daughter of ExileIsabel Glass
4-17-2017Si Lewen's Parade: An Artist's Odysseyedited by Art Spiegelman
4-20-2017Unexpected StoriesOctavia Butler
4-21-2017On the FirelineMatthew Desmond
4-22-2017The BookmanLavie Tidhar
4-23-2017Men Explain Things to MeRebecca Solnit
4-26-2017Pitch PerfectMickey Rapkin
4-30-2017The Collapsing EmpireJohn Scalzi
5-4-2017American WarOmar El Akkad
5-5-2017The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell
5-6-2017Octavia Butler's KindredJohn Jennings & Damian Duffy
5-6-2017The Clock of the Long Now: Time and ResponsibilityStewart Brand
5-7-2017Why I Am Not a FeministJessa Crispin
5-10-2017SoullessGail Carriger
5-13-2017Street Without a NameKapka Kassabova
5-15-2017CinnamonNeil Gaiman & Divya Srinivasan
5-15-2017Words are My MatterUrsula K. Le Guin
5-19-2017Freedom is a Constant StruggleAngela Y. Davis
5-19-2017WalkawayCory Doctorow
5-20-2017The Boy on the BridgeM. R. Carey
5-25-2017The Banquet of the Lords of NightLiz Williams
5-27-2017The Hundred Thousand KingdomsN. K. Jemisin
6-5-2017What I Didn't SeeKaren Joy Fowler
6-7-2017The Broken KingdomsN. K. Jemisin
6-12-2017Kingdom of GodsN. K. Jemisin
6-12-2017Shades in ShadowN. K. Jemisin
6-12-2017The Awakened KingdomN. K. Jemisin
6-15-2017The Night SeasonChelsea Cain
6-21-2017The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland
6-23-2017The Delerium BriefCharles Stross
6-28-2017Pretty MonstersKelly Link
6-29-2017Final GirlsMira Grant
7-2-2017Invisible 3edited by Jim C. Hines and Mary Anne Mohranraj
7-2-2017SourdoughRobin Sloane
7-3-2017The House of the StagKage Baker
7-4-2017Down and Out in PurgatoryTim Powers
7-7-2017The Bird of the RiverKage Baker
7-9-2017War is a Force That Gives Us MeaningChris Hedges
7-9-2017The BreadwinnerDeborah Ellis
7-12-2017RevisionaryJim Hines
7-13-2017Parvana's JourneyDeborah Ellis
7-13-2017Mud CityDeborah Ellis
7-15-2017Naked in BaghdadAnne Garrels
7-20-2017Telling the MapChristopher Rowe
7-20-2017A Wizard of EarthseaUrsula K. Le Guin
7-25-2017The Green ChildHerbert Read
7-30-2017The Best American Essays 2011edited by Edwidge Danticat
7-30-2017Boarding InstructionsRay Vukcevich
8-2-2017Dead FeministsChandler O'Leary & Jessica Spring
8-3-2017Lovecraft's Monstersedited by Ellen Datlow
8-4-2017InstrusionKen MacLeod
8-6-2017TiganaGuy Gavriel Kay
8-9-2017Penric's FoxLois McMaster Bujold
8-11-2017Strange DogsJames S. A. Corey
8-13-2017The Confidence CodeKatty Kay & Claire Shipman
8-14-2017Report to the Men's ClubCarol Emshwiller
8-19-2017Paper Girls vol 2Brian K Vaughan & Cliff Chiang
8-19-2017Paper Girls vol 3Brian K Vaughan & Cliff Chiang
8-20-2017The Stone SkyN. K. Jemisin
8-22-2017Terminal AllianceJim Hines
8-28-2017The MothersBrit Bennett
8-30-2017Every Heart a DoorwaySeanan McGuire
9-4-2017Rolling BlackoutsSarah Glidden
9-6-2017HostageGuy Delisle
9-10-2017How to Dance as the Roof Caves InNick Lantz
9-11-2017Razor GirlCarl Hiaasen
9-12-2017The Mother of All QuestionsRebecca Solnit
9-13-2017Down Among the Sticks and BonesSeanan McGuire
9-14-2017Beneath the Sugar SkySeanan McGuire
9-19-2017Exit WestMohsin Hamid
9-21-2017Binti: The Night MasqueradeNnedi Okorafor
9-25-2017George & LizzieNancy Pearl
10-10-2017Time TravelJames Gleick
10-14-2017No Time to SpareUrsula K. Le Guin
10-16-2017Speaking with the AngelNick Hornby
10-20-2017The Name of a BullfighterLuis Sepulveda
10-22-2017This is What a Librarian Looks LikeKyle Cassidy
10-23-2017The PowerNaomi Alderman
10-29-2017EleanorJason Gurley
11-8-2017Dark RunMike Brooks
11-9-2017The Prisoner of LimnosLois McMaster Bujold
11-13-2017The Care and Management of LiesJacqueline Winspear
11-15-2017The Most Beautiful Book in the WorldEric-Emmanuel Schmitt
11-16-2017Make it Stick: The Science of Successful LearningBrown, Roediger & McDaniel
11-20-2017The Round HouseLouise Erdrich
11-28-2017Flight BehaviorBarbara Kingsolver
12-5-2017The Best American Travel Writing 2007ed. by Susan Orlean
12-10-2017Akata WarriorNnedi Okorofor
12-10-2017Reflective Teaching, Effective LearningChar Booth
12-15-2017The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin
12-17-2017Understanding & Dismantling racismJoseph Barndt
12-17-2017March Book ThreeJohn Lewis, Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell
12-18-2017All the Pretty Little HorsesMira Grant
12-22-2017Small TeachingJames M. Lang
12-27-2017The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2005Jonathan Weiner
1-2-2018The One-Shot Library Instruction Survival GuideHeidi E. Buchanan and Beth A. McDonough
1-3-2018Saga Vol 8Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan
1-6-2018Persepolis RisingJames S. A. Corey
1-8-2018Too Like the LightningAda Palmer
1-19-2018Ambiguity MachinesVandana Singh
1-20-2018Red MarsKim Stanley Robinson
1-21-2018The Little Book of Feminist SaintsJulia Pierpont
1-22-2018The Blues: A Very Short IntroductionElijah Wald
1-23-2018The New Instruction LibrarianCandice Benjes-Small and Rebecca K. Miller
1-29-2018The Best We Could DoThi Bui
1-29-2018ImprintedJim Hines
2-1-2018Blues All Around MeB.B. King with David Ritz
2-2-2018ZorroIsabel Allende
2-2-2018Brown Girl Dreaming (audio)Jacqueline Woodson
2-6-2018So You Want to Talk About RaceIjeoma Oluo
2-9-2018Filter HouseNisi Shawl
2-10-2018Tool of WarPaolo Bacgalupi
2-23-2018HousekeepingMarilynne Robinson
2-24-2018The Periodic TablePrimo Levi
2-25-2018The Invisible LibraryGenevieve Cogman
2-25-2018I Met a Traveller in an Antique LandConnie Willis
3-9-2018The Bear and the NightingaleKatherine Arden
3-10-2018From the Holy MountainWilliam Dalrymple
3-11-2018A Tale of Two Cities (audio)Charles Dickens
3-21-2018The Friendly Orange GlowBrian Dear
3-23-2018Weapons of Math DestructionCathy O'Neil
3-24-2018Nine Hills to NambonkahaSarah Erdman
3-26-2018The Hate U Give (audio)Angie Thomas
3-28-2018The Essential Dykes to Watch Out ForAlison Bechdel
4-2-2018The Long CosmosTerry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
4-3-2018The Tangled LandsPaolo Bacigalupi & Tobias Buckell
4-5-2018Bitter SweetsRoopa Farooki
4-7-2018The Arab of the FutureRaid Sattouf
4-9-2018Sleeping GiantsSylvain Neuvel
4-12-2018The Spy Who Came in fromthe ColdJohn Le Carre
4-14-2018Where Late the Sweet Birds SangKate Wilhelm
4-16-2018Learner-Centered Pedagogy: Principles and PracticeKevin Michael Klipfel and Dani Brecher Cook
4-17-2018Trigger WarningNeil Gaiman
4-19-2018Head OnJohn Scalzi
4-28-2018NoirChristopher Moore
5-4-2018The Folklore of DiscworldTerry Pratchett & Jacqueline Simpson
5-4-2018When the Killing's DoneT. C. Boyle
5-5-2018HomegoingYaa Gyasi
5-7-2018The Tethered MageMelissa Caruso
5-17-2018Time WasIan McDonald
5-17-2018The Red ClocksLeni Zumas
5-22-2018Waking GodsSylvain Neuvel
5-26-2018A Gentleman in MoscowAmor Towles
5-29-2018The Flowers of VashnoiLois McMaster Bujold
5-30-2018The Wrong StarsTim Pratt
6-1-2018Spinning SilverNaomi Novik
6-7-2018The Defiant HeirMelissa Caruso
6-13-2018FoundrysideRobert Jackson Bennett
6-19-2018The Grapes of MathAlex Bellos
6-21-2018Feeling Very Strangeedited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel
6-24-2018Red WeatherPauls Toutonghi
6-24-2018Anya's GhostVera Brosgol
6-25-2018Paper Girls 4Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson & Jared K. Fletcher
6-30-2018SpinningTillie Walden
6-30-2018Only HumanSylvain Neuvel
7-2-2018White FragilityRobin Diangelo
7-11-2018Religion: Ruining Everything siince 4004 BCZach Weinersmith
7-13-2018Parable of the SowerOctavia Butler
7-16-2018Teaching Information Literacy ReframedJoanna M. Burkhardt
7-18-2018Coming to You LiveMira Grant
7-20-2018Witch ElmTana French
7-22-2018The Pagan RabbiCynthia Ozick
7-25-2018Robot-ProofJoseph E. Auon
7-26-2018The ExtremesChristopher Priest
7-28-2018Parable of the TalentsOctavia Butler
7-30-2018The Girl in the TowerKatherine Arden
7-31-2018BintiNnedi Okorafor
7-31-2018Twelve Angry LibrariansMiranda James
8-4-2018Six months, three days, five othersCharlie Jane Anders
8-6-2018The Last Days of NightGraham Moore
8-11-2018Silas MarnerGeorge Eliot
8-13-2018Lincoln in the BardoGeorge Saunders
8-14-2018Zahrah the WindseekerNnedi Okorafor-Mbucha
8-15-2018Golden StateBen Winters
8-19-2018Call Them By Their True NamesRebecca Solnit
8-20-2018MiniaturesJohn Scalzi
8-25-2018ProvenanceAnn Leckie
8-25-2018Heart of WhitenesseHoward Waldrop
8-26-2018Monstress: AwakeningMarjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
8-27-2018All Systems ReadMartha Wells
8-29-2018Doomsday BookConnie Willis
9-2-2018Labyrinth IndexCharles Stross
9-5-2018Monstress: The BloodMarjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
9-6-2018Artificial ConditionMartha Wells
9-7-2018Becoming a Reflective Librarian and TeacherMichelle Reale
9-8-2018Salvage the BonesJesmyn Ward
9-14-2018House of SunsAlastair Reynolds
9-17-2018Uprooting RacismPaul Kivel
9-23-2018The Silent Strength of StonesNina Kiriki Hoffman
9-25-2018City of ThornsBen Rawlence
9-27-2018Scientific TeachingJo Handelsman, Sarah Miller & Christine Pfund
9-28-2018Everything Under the SkyMathilde Asensi
9-28-2018Thread that Binds the BonesNina Kiriki Hoffman
10-6-2018The Clan CorporateCharles Stross
10-7-2018The Merchants' WarCharles Stross
10-13-2018The Revolution BusinessCharles Stross
10-14-2018Trade of QueensCharles Stross
10-15-2018Northanger AbbeyJane Austen
10-19-2018The Consuming FireJohn Scalzi
10-21-2018The Merry SpinsterMallory Ortberg
10-22-2018Rogue ProtocolMartha Wells
10-22-2018Exit StrategyMartha Wells
10-29-2018Dancing in Your HeadGene Santoro
11-1-2018Saga vol 9Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples
11-3-2018Natural CausesBarbara Ehrenreich
11-7-2018Early RiserJasper Fforde
11-14-2018Glass UniverseDava Sobel
11-18-2018Children of Earth and SkyGuy Gavriel Kay
11-20-2018The Woman WarriorMaxine Hong Kingston
11-22-2018In an Absent DreamSeanan McGuire
11-24-2018Soul of Black FolksW.E.B Du Bois
11-25-2018ShrillLindy West
11-28-2018Reasonable CreaturesKatha Pollitt
11-29-2018FeedbackMira Grant
12-3-2018Veniss UndergroundJeff Vandermeer
12-13-2018Power PoliticsMargaret Atwood
12-15-2018The Library BookSusan Orlean
12-16-2018ElysiumJennifer Marie Brissett
12-18-2018Code Girls (audio)Liza Mundy
12-22-2018The Story of JazzMarshall W. Stearns
12-25-2018How Long Til Black Future MonthN.K. Jemisin
12-25-2018Jade CityFonda Lee
12-30-2018Midnight at the Bright Ideas BookstoreMatthew J. Sullivan
1-1-2019Sleeping with MonstersLiz Bourke
1-1-2019Displacement: A TravelogueLucy Kinsley
1-6-2019The Compass RoseUrsula K. Le Guin
1-6-2019Monstress: HavenMarjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
1-7-2019Kingdom of Needles and BoneMira Grant
1-9-2019JazzToni Morrison
1-10-2019How to be Successful without Hurting Men's FeelingsSarah Cooper
1-12-2019The Prey of GodsNicky Dayden
1-14-2019I am not Your Perfect Mexican DaughterErika L. Sanchez
1-18-2019The Winter of the WitchKatherine Arden
1-18-2019Tokyo on FootFlorent Chavouet
1-19-2019Happiness Like WaterChinelo Okparanta
1-19-2019Jazz Poemsedited by Kevin Young
1-20-2019N.P.Banana Yoshimoto
1-24-2019The Best We Could DoThi Bui
1-25-2019Knife ChildrenLois McMaster Bujold
1-26-2019CargoKristin Kelly
1-27-2019CatwingsUrsula K Le Guin
1-27-2019The AbortionRichard Brautigan
2-2-2019The Complete Angel Catbird, Johnnie Christmas & Tamra Bonvillain
2-3-2019The Principles of UncertaintyMaira Kalman
2-4-2019The Best American Travel Writing 2004edited by Pico Iyer
2-5-2019The Epic of GilgameshKevin H. Dixon & Kent H. Dixon
2-7-2019Hope and Other Dangerous PursuitsLaila Lalami
2-7-2019ElevationStephen King
2-8-2019In the StacksScott Lynch
2-10-2019BorneJeff Vandermeer
2-10-2019VigilanceRobert Jackson Bennett
2-11-2019Art MattersNeil Gaiman & Chris Riddell
2-11-2019The Silence of Our FriendsMark Long, Jim Demonakos & Nate Powell
2-12-2019UnladylikeCristen Conger and Caroline Ervin
2-14-2019The Problem of Susan and Other StoriesNeil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell
2-14-2019As the Crow FliesMelanie Gillman
2-17-2019Girl SleuthMelanie Rehak
2-18-2019Transforming Information Literacy Instruction: Threshold Concepts in Theory and PracticeAmy R. Hofer, Silvia Lin Hanick & Lori Townsend
2-18-2019The Secret of the Old ClockCarolyn Keene
2-19-2019The TestSylvain Neuvel
2-20-2019The Life of Frederick DouglassDavid F. Walker
2-22-2019Bizarre RomanceAudrey Niffenegger & Eddie Campbell
2-22-2019A Peculiar ParadiseElizabeth McLagan
2-23-2019LegaciesAlison Sinclair
2-24-2019The ArrivalShaun Tan
2-24-2019This Will all End in TearsJoe Ollmann
2-25-2019Rosalie LightningTom Hart
2-25-2019Crave RadianceElizabeth Alexander
2-26-2019Kid GlovesLucy Knisley
3-1-2019Easy Graphic Design for LibrariansDiana K. Wakimoto
3-3-2019Children of Blood and BoneTomi Adeyemi
3-3-2019Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to EarthJudd Winick
3-3-2019Hilo: Saving the Whole WorldJudd Winick
3-3-2019Hilo: The Great Big BoomJudd Winick
3-4-2019Going into TownRoz Chast
3-4-2019Hilo: Waking the MonstersJudd Winick
3-4-2019Hilo: Then Everything Went WrongJudd Winick
3-8-2019Ouch! That Stereotype HurtsLeslie C. Aguilar
3-8-2019The City in the Middle of the NightCharlie Jane Anders
3-9-2019Tales from Outer SuburbiaShaun Tan
3-10-2019This One summerJillian Tamaki & Mariko Tamaki
3-10-2019Fruit of KnowledgeLiv Stromquist
3-11-2019The Calculating StarsMary Robinette Kowal
3-13-2019The SavageDavid Almond & Dave McKean
3-14-2019A Study in EmeraldNeil Gaiman & Rafael Albuquerque
3-15-2019A Student of HistoryNina Revoyr
3-16-2019Tenements, Towers & TrashJulia Wertz
3-17-2019The Mental LoadEmma
3-18-2019El DeafoCece Bell
3-19-2019The LeaversLisa Ko
3-23-2019Fated SkyMary Robinette Kowal
3-26-2019Something NewLucy Knisley
3-27-2019The Travelling Cat ChroniclesHiro Arikawa
3-29-2019Eloquent RageBrittney Cooper
3-30-2019Trail of LightningRebecca Roanhorse
3-31-2019The Customer is Always WrongMimi Pond
4-2-2019RadicalizedCory Doctorow
4-8-2019Tiamat's WrathJames S. A. Corey
4-14-2019The Sisters BrothersPatrick deWitt
4-14-2019Black Poetryedited by Dudley Randall
4-17-2019Adulthood is a MythSarah Andersen
4-18-2019Central StationLavie Tidhar
4-20-2019The Necessary BeggarSusan Palwick
4-21-2019PassingNella Larsen
4-24-2019The Best American Travel Writing 2010edited by Bill Buford
4-30-2019Empire GamesCharles Stross
5-1-2019Archival QualityIvy Noelle Weir & Steenz
5-8-2019The Unbound EmpireMelissa Caruso
5-12-2019Blackfish CitySam J. Miller
5-13-2019SabrinaNick Drnaso
5-18-2019Storm of LocustsRebecca Roanhorse
5-29-2019Dark StateCharles Stross
5-30-2019Book of PagesDavid Whiteland
6-2-2019Remarkable CreaturesTracy Chevalier
6-3-2019Tales from the Inner CityShaun Tan
6-4-2019Quiet Girl in a Noisy WorldDebbie Tung
6-10-2019A Good CryNikki Giovanni
6-11-2019A Taste of HoneyKai Ashante Wilson
6-18-2019Fall or Dodge in HellNeal Stephenson
6-19-2019The Girls Who Wrote in SilkKelli Estes
6-20-2019Books for LivingWill Schwalbe
6-21-2019Reading with PatrickMichelle Kuo
6-24-2019Rock Manning Goes for BrokeCharlie Jane Anders
6-26-2019RecursionBlake Crouch
6-29-2019The Raven TowerAnn Leckie
6-30-2019TanglesSarah Leavitt
7-2-2019Herding CatsSarah Andersen
7-2-2019A Velocity of Beingedited by Maria Popova & Claudia Bedrick
7-6-2019A Study in HonorClaire O'Dell
7-7-2019All Systems RedMartha Wells
7-10-2019The Magicians: Alice's StoryLev Grossman, Lilah Sturges & Pius Bak
7-10-2019A Fire StoryBrian Fies
7-14-2019Lighter Than My ShadowKatie Green
7-15-2019To LiveHua Yu
7-17-2019We are the Music Makers!Timothy Duffy & Denise Duffy
7-18-2019Broken Places & Outer SpacesNnedi Okorafor
7-18-2019Dead Trees Give No ShelterWil Wheaton
7-20-2019The Dazzle of DayMolly Gloss
7-20-2019FetishEdward Bryant
7-21-2019Taratuta & Still LIfe with PipeJose Donoso
7-24-2019The Orphans of RaspayLois McMaster Bujold
7-25-2019CicadaShaun Tan
7-25-2019Paper Girls Vol. 5Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang & Matthew Wilson
7-26-2019I was Their American DreamMalaka Gharib
7-30-2019Codex SeraphinianusLuigi Serafini
8-2-2019Six of CrowsLeigh Bardugo
8-4-2019What it Means When a Man Falls from the SkyLesley Nneka Arimah
8-5-2019The Red TreeShaun Tan
8-5-2019Blue MuseTimothy Duffy
8-6-2019TheDevil's GardenEdward Docx
8-11-2019Library of Small CatastrophesAlison C. Rollins
8-11-2019The Color LineJohn Hope Franklin
8-13-2019Waiting for Buddy GuyAlan Harper
8-14-2019R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & CountryR. Crumb
8-16-2019The Language of the NightUrsula K. Le Guin
8-16-2019The Women of the Copper CountryMary Doria Russell
8-19-2019On a SunbeamTillie Walden
8-24-2019The Priory of the Orange TreeSamantha Shannon
8-26-2019Diversity Beyond Lip ServiceLa'Wana Harris
8-27-2019InfomocracyMalka Older
8-30-2019Whatever Happened to the World of TomorrowBrian Fies
8-31-2019Something More and MoreNisi Shawl
9-1-2019Under the Feet of JesusHelena Maria Viramontes
9-4-2019Crooked KingdomLeigh Bardugo
9-5-2019Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the SeaSarah Pinsker
9-8-2019Null StatesMalka Older
9-11-2019Hollow KingdomKira Jane Buxton
9-15-2019Famous American Negro PoetsCharlemae Rollins
9-15-2019Lost & FoundShaun Tan
9-19-2019New KidJerry Craft
9-21-2019Deaf RepublicIlya Kaminsky
9-24-2019The Bird KingShaun Tan
9-24-2019State TectonicsMalka Older
9-25-2019The Singing BonesShaun tan
10-2-2019ArroyoChip Jacobs
10-5-2019The Rust MaidensGwendolyn Kiste
10-6-2019So Far So GoodUrsula K. Le Guin
10-9-2019The Murdstone TrilogyMal Peet
10-11-2019After the FlareDeji Bryce Olukotun
10-11-2019Horses Make a Landscape Look More BeautifulAlice Walker
10-14-2019The Woman in Black Susan Hill
10-15-2019Daily VoicesLisa Goldstein
10-18-2019A Hundred Little HitlersElinor Langer
10-27-2019The Starless SeaErin Morgenstern
11-6-2019The Gold Bug VariationsRichard Powers
11-9-2019Today I am CareyMartin L. Shoemaker
11-13-2019Recollections of my NonexistanceRebecca Solnit
11-15-2019A Dog Called DemolitionRobert Rankin
11-17-2019GlorianaKevin Huizenga
11-19-2019Book LoveDebbie Tung
11-20-2019MeridianAlice Walker
11-22-2019AuberonJames S.A. Corey
11-26-2019JanissariesJerry Pournelle
11-28-2019Great Short Stories by Contemporary Native American Writersedited by Bob Blaisdell
11-30-2019Network EffectMartha Wells
11-30-2019Emergency SkinN.K. Jemisin
12-1-2019Fax from SarajevoJoe Kubert
12-3-2019Summer FrostBlake Crouch
12-5-2019The Best American Comics 2007edited by Chris Ware
12-6-2019Paper Girls v. 6Brian K. Vaughan
12-10-2019Good talkMira Jacob
12-11-2019GrassKeum Suk Gendry-Kim
12-11-2019The Stepsister SchemeJim Hines
12-15-2019Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the SunSarah Ladipo Manyika
12-28-2019Children of TimeAdrian Tchaikovsky
12-29-2019Come Tumbling DownSeanan McGuire
1-1-2020How ToRandall Munroe
1-6-2020100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know about PeopleSusan M Weinschenk
1-6-2020Chasing UtopiaNikki Giovanni
1-7-2020The Future of Another TimelineAnnalee Newitz
1-9-2020Shakespeare for SquirrelsChristopher Moore
1-15-2020Song of SolomonToni Morrison
1-19-2020Brain RulesJohn Medina
1-20-2020A Legend of the FutureAgustin de Rojas
2-2-2020Someone Like MeM.R. Carey
2-4-2020Separate is Never EqualDuncan Tonatiuh
2-6-2020The SuitcaseSergei Dovlatov
2-8-2020The Bluest Eye (audio)Toni Morrison
2-9-2020Children of RuinAdrian Tchaikovsky
2-11-2020Upright Women WantedSarah Gailey
2-23-2020ArcadiaTom Stoppard
2-23-2020Self-Made and Blues RichJon Michael Spencer
2-27-2020Cloud RoadsMartha Wells
3-5-2020Ninth HouseLeigh Bardugo
3-8-2020Festering RomanceRenee Lott
3-8-2020Love is Not Constantly Wondering if you are Making the Biggest Mistake of Your LifeAnonymous
3-11-2020Still LifeLouise Penney
3-15-2020Yellow Blue TibiaAdam Roberts
3-28-2020Space OperaCathrynne Valente
4-6-2020Rad Girls CanKate Schatz & Miriam Klein Stahl
4-7-2020FeathersJorge Corona
4-9-202088 NamesMatt Ruff
4-18-2020The City We BecameN.K. Jemisin
4-23-2020The Last EmperoxJohn Scalzi
4-28-2020Monstrous Regiment (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-1-2020A Song for a New DaySarah Pinsker
5-6-2020Historia DiscordiaAdam Gorightly
5-7-2020Talk Like a ManNisi Shawl
5-7-2020Ways of HearingDamon Krukowski
5-9-2020The Physicians of VilnocLois McMaster Bujold
5-9-2020They Called Us EnemyGeorge Takei
5-10-2020A Hat Full of Sky (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-11-2020The Vagina BibleJen Gunter
5-12-2020You Have Arrived at Your DestinationAmor Towles
5-15-2020The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryAlix E. Harrow
5-16-2020Talk: A Novel in DialogueCorey Mesler
5-16-2020Timothy, or Notes of an Abject ReptileVerlyn Klinkenborg
5-17-2020Daemon in LithuaniaHenri Guigonnat
5-19-2020Dusk or Dark or Dawn or DaySeanan McGuire
5-19-2020Are You Listening?Tillie Walden
5-24-2020Snuff (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-25-2020The Way the World Ends (audio)Jess Walter
5-25-2020Boca Raton (audio)Lauren Groff
5-26-2020The Long Way to a Small Angry PlanetBecky Chambers
5-27-2020ArkVeronica Roth
5-29-2020Housekeeping vs. The DirtNick Hornby
6-2-2020Monstress: The ChosenMarjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
6-4-2020MiddlegameSeanan McGuire
6-16-2020Days of Destruction Days of RevoltChris Hedges & Joe Sacco
6-17-2020Guards Guards (audio)Terry Pratchett
6-18-2020Magic for LiarsSarah Gailey
6-20-2020Granta: Jubilee
6-22-2020A Closed and Common OrbitBecky Chambers
6-28-2020Black History in Its Own WordsRonald Wimberly
6-30-2020Saturn's ChildrenCharles Stross
7-3-2020We the ResilientSarah Bunin Benor & Tom Fields-Meyer
7-4-2020Aurora: Beyond EqualityEdited by Vonda McIntyre & Susan Anderson
7-9-2020Portland Review vol 30 no 1
7-10-2020Stamped (audio)Jason Reynolds
7-11-2020The PlanetsJennifer Finney Boylan
7-11-2020100 Amazing Facts about the NegroHenry Louis Gates, Jr
7-12-2020Turn Signals are the Facial Expressions of AutomobilesDonald A. Norman
7-13-2020The Indispensable Academic LibrarianMichelle Reale
7-16-2020The Dutch HouseAnn Patchett
7-18-2020Another BrooklynJacqueline Woodson
7-21-2020How to be an Anti-RacistIbram X. Kendi
7-24-2020Ain't I a Womanbell hooks
7-25-2020Deep BreathsChris Gooch
7-26-2020This is How You Lose the Time WarAmal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone
7-30-2020The Relentless MoonMary Robinette Kowal
8-2-2020The Last ConversationPaul Tremblay
8-8-2020Hidden FiguresMargot Lee Shetterly
8-15-2020Braiding SweetgrassRobin Wall Kimmerer
8-17-2020Paying the LandJoe Sacco
8-22-2020Record of a Spaceborn FewBecky Chambers
8-28-2020So You Want to Talk About RaceIjeoma Oluo
8-30-2020The Overdue Life of Amy BylerKelly Harms
9-12-2020Gideon the NinthTamsyn Muir
9-13-2020Hilo: All the Pieces FitJudd Winick
9-27-2020AmericanahChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
10-2-2020There ThereTommy Orange
10-6-2020Radical CandorKim Scott
10-11-2020Harrow the NinthTamsyn Muir
10-18-2020Solutions and Other ProblemsAllie Brosh
10-21-2020PiranesiSusanna Clarke
10-22-2020Masquerade in LodiLois McMaster Bujold
10-28-2020IkengaNnedi Okorafor
11-1-2020Griffin & SabineNick Bantock
11-2-2020Dark RainMat Johnson & Simon Gane
11-4-2020A Deadly EducationNaomi Novik
11-6-2020Me and White SupremacyLayla F. Saad
11-7-2020Imagine Wanting Only ThisKristen Radtke
11-10-2020The Haunting of Tram Car 015P. Djeli Clarke
11-11-2020The House on the Cerulean SeaTJ Klune
11-16-2020Real LifeBrandon Taylor
11-20-2020DisplacementKiku Hughes
11-30-2020The Once and Future WitchesAlix E. Harrow
12-3-2020When Stars are ScatteredVictoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed
12-5-2020Why Fish Don't ExistLulu Miller
12-9-2020Long DivisionKiese Laymon
12-13-2020The 99% Invisible CityRoman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt
12-16-2020Welcome to the New WorldJake Halpern & Michael Sloan
12-18-2020WorldsoulLiz Williams
12-19-2020Just UsClaudia Rankine
12-23-2020Salute the WreckageClint Margrave
12-27-2020The Invisible Life of Addie LaRueV.E. Schwab
12-29-2020The Chronology of WaterLidia Yuknavitch
12-30-2020Your Black FriendBen Passmore
12-30-2020Carpe GlitterCat Rambo
12-30-2020This is My AmericaKim Johnson
12-31-2020I Moved to LA to Work in AnimationNatalie Nourigat
1-1-2021Riot BabyTochi Onyebuchi
1-1-2021Coraline graphic novelP. Craig Russell & Neil Gaiman
1-2-2021The Sun and her flowersRupi Kaur
1-5-2021Algorithms of OppressionSafiya Umoja Noble
1-7-2021The Female ManJoanna Russ
1-9-2021The Space Between WorldsMicaiah Johnson
1-13-2021Soupy Leaves HomeCecil Castellucci
1-16-2021SmbittenMelanie Gillman
1-18-2021Transcendent KingdomYaa Gyasi
1-18-2021Across the Green Grass FieldsSeanan McGuire
1-18-2021Spill Zone Book 1Scott Westerfeld
1-18-2021Spill Zone Book 2Scott Westerfeld
1-30-2021HumansDonald E. Westlake
1-31-2021Billie HolidayCarlos Sampayo & Jose Munoz
2-3-2021Godforsaken IdahoShawn Vestal
2-7-2021Do You Dream of Terra-Two?Temi Oh
2-7-2021JournalismJoe Sacco
2-13-2021Permission to FeelMarc Brackett
2-13-2021Broad BandClaire L. Evans
2-13-2021ZikoraChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
2-15-2021Poesy the Monster SlayerCory Doctorow & Matt Rockefeller
2-18-2021The Early Death of MenClint Margrace
2-18-2021IntuitionAllegra Goodman
2-27-2021The Black Panther PartyDavid F. Walker & Marcus Kwame anderson
2-28-2021A Brightness Long AgoGuy Gavriel Kay
2-28-2021The Magic FishTrung Le Nguyen
3-3-2021Power in NumbersTalithia Williams
3-4-2021Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight TowerTasmyn Muir
3-7-2021The SearcherTana French
3-11-2021Ring ShoutP. Djeli Clark
3-13-2021A Long Walk to WaterLinda Sue Park
4-3-2021The Bookish Life of Nina HillAbbi Waxman
4-10-2021CasteIsabel Wilkerson
4-11-2021Ministry for the FutureKim Stanley Robinson
4-14-2021DriftwoodMarie Brennan
4-22-2021Denner's WreckLawrence Watt-Evans
4-26-2021These are the BreaksIdris Goodwin
4-28-2021Victories Greater Than DeathCharlie Jane Anders
4-29-2021Fugitive TelemetryMartha Wells
5-5-2021ElatsoeDarcie Little Badger
5-10-2021If You are ThereSusan Sherman
5-12-2021Catfishing on CatnetNaomi Kritzer
5-13-2021The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in WaterZen Cho
5-18-2021The Assassins of ThasalonLois McMaster Bujold
5-28-2021Beneath the RisingPremee Mohammed
6-4-2021The Galaxy, and the Ground WithinBecky Chambers
6-7-2021LegendbornTracy Deonn
6-12-2021Daring Greatly (audio)Brene Brown
6-12-2021Minor FeelingsCathy Park Hong
6-15-2021The Midnight LibraryMatt Haig
6-16-2021Klara and the SunKazuo Ishiguro
6-19-2021Octavia's Broodedited by Adrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Imarisha
6-24-2021The BeadworkersBeth Piatote
6-27-2021The Vanishing HalfBrit Bennett
7-13-2021Gone to SoldiersMarge Piercy
7-15-2021Remote ControlNnedi Okorafor
7-24-2021The DryJane Harper
8-1-2021WakeRebecca Hall
8-16-2021Master of DjinnP. Djeli Clark
8-18-2021The Book TourAndi Watson
8-19-2021The Kaiju Preservation SocietyJohn Scalzi
8-28-2021Ghost TalkersMary Robinette Kowal
8-31-2021Project Hail MaryAndy Weir
9-7-2021The Body is Not an ApologySonya Renee Taylor
9-11-2021Gods of Jade and ShadowSilvia Moreno-Garcia
9-12-2021Privilege, Power and DifferenceAllan G. Johnson
9-19-2021She Who Became the SunShelley Parker-Chan
9-26-2021The ConductorsNicole Glover
10-3-2021The Human ComedyWilliam Saroyan
10-13-2021Shards of EarthAdrian Tchaikovsky
10-20-2021Wide Sargasso SeaJean Rhys
10-22-2021The Light BrigadeKameron Hurley
11-1-2021The Conjurer's BirdMartin Davies
11-8-2021Knot of ShadowsLois McMaster Bujold
11-15-2021Spindle SplinteredAlix Harrow
11-16-2021The Last GraduateNaomi Novik
11-16-2021AutonomousAnnalee Newitz
11-20-2021Run Book 1John Lewis
11-21-2021Making Our Way HomeBlair Imani
11-21-2021The Anthropocene ReviewedJohn Green
11-23-2021A Psalm for the Wild-BuiltBecky Chambers
11-29-2021Under the Whispering DoorTJ Klune
12-18-2021Leviathan FallsJames S.A. Corey
12-18-2021LaGuardiaNnedi Okorafor
12-18-2021Sweet HarmonyClaire North
12-18-2021Book of CloudsChloe Aridjis
12-22-2021A Wizards Guide to Defensive BakingT. Kingfisher
12-22-2021CitizenClaudia Rankine
12-23-2021Still I RiseRoland Laird with Taneishia Nash Laird & Elihu Adofo Bey
12-27-2021The VisitChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
12-27-2021To Be Taught, If FortunateBecky Chambers
12-28-2021Pax RomanaJonathan Hickman
12-29-2021The Wild BookJuan Villoro
12-29-2021The Black PagesNnedi Okorafor
12-30-2021Light for the World to SeeKwame Alexander
12-30-2021Cold MillionsJess Walter
1-1-2022SentientJeff Lemire & Gabriel Hernandex Walta
1-3-2022Code BreakerWalter Isaacson
1-6-2022Where the Drowned Girls GoSeanan McGuire
1-10-2022The Gilded OnesNamina Forna
1-13-20222043Nisi Shawl
1-14-2022DriveJames S. A. Corey
1-16-2022These Alien SkiesCT Rwizi
1-17-2022Clap BackNalo Hopkinson
1-17-2022Elder RaceAdrian Tchaikovsky
1-23-2022The River CaptureMary Costello
1-30-2022The Poisoner's HandbookDeborah Blum
1-31-2022We Travel the SpacewaysVictor Lavalle
2-12-2022TukiJeff Smith
2-13-2022The UndertakersNicole Glover
2-15-2022A Prayer for the Crown-ShyBecky Chambers
2-21-2022A Mirror MendedAlix Harrow
2-23-2022Andrew Henry's MeadowDoris Burn
3-6-2022Seek YouKristen Radtke
3-11-2022Iron WidowXiran Jay Zhao
3-13-2022CommuteErin Williams
3-15-2022The Sins of Our FathersJames S.A. Corey
3-19-2022Termination ShockNeal Stephenson
3-26-2022Light from Uncommon StarsRyka Aoki
3-27-2022The Sacrifice of DarknessRoxane Gay
3-28-2022Pixels of YouAnanth Hirsh
4-7-2022Sea PeopleChristina Thompson
4-9-2022She Weeps Each Time You're BornQuan Barry
4-9-2022The Hard TomorrowEleanor Davis
4-10-2022A Power Governments Cannot SuppressHoward Zinn
4-14-2022We Are SatellitesSarah Pinsker
4-14-202210th of DecemberGeorge Saunders
4-18-2022Chaos on CatnetNaomi Kritzer
4-19-2022My Life My BodyMarge Piercy
4-20-2022Clockwork BoysT. Kingfisher
4-21-2022Wonder EngineT. Kingfisher
4-23-2022Akata WomanNnedi Okorafor
4-25-2022How I Became a GhostTim Tingle
5-1-2022Murder by Other MeansJohn Scalzi
5-3-2022The OriginalBrandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal
5-7-2022 Anya's GhostVera Brosgol
5-7-2022Utopia AvenueDavid Mitchell
5-10-2022Unseen WorldLiz Moore
5-26-2022Black Water SisterZen Cho
5-26-2022Molly on the MoonMary Robinette Kowal & Diana Mayo
5-29-2022Hell of a bookJason Mott
6-4-2022The Kissing BugDaisy Hernandez
6-6-2022Sea of TranquilityEmily St. John Mandel
6-6-2022The Past is RedCatherynne Valente
6-11-2022Covid ChroniclesKendra Boileau and Rich Johnson
6-18-2022Lost in the Moment and FoundSeanan McGuire
6-20-2022History of What Comes NextSylvain Neuvel
6-25-2022The Curious SquirrelKeren Cytter
6-25-2022The Furious HamsterKeren Cytter
6-28-2022The Witness for the DeadKatherine Addison
7-3-2022GoldilocksLaura Lam
7-6-2022In the Shadow of Spindrift HouseMira Grant
7-9-2022City Lights Pocket Poets Anthologyedited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
7-11-2022The Death of Vivek OjiAkwaeke Emezi
7-14-2022California BonesGreg Van Eekhout
7-14-2022In WavesA.J. Dungo
7-27-2022Neptune's BroodCharles Stross
8-1-2022Soul Music (audio)Terry Pratchett
8-7-2022Light Years from HomeMike Chen
8-16-2022In Her ShoesJennifer Weiner
8-17-2022The OverstoryRichard Powers
8-18-2022The Suitcase CloneRobin Sloan
8-21-2022Gender QueerMaia Kobabe
8-22-2022The Album of Dr. MoreauDaryl Gregory
8-23-2022You Can Only Yell At Me for One Thing at a TimePatricia Marx & Roz Chast
9-5-2022SpearNicola Griffith
9-11-2022Let's Talk About Hard ThingsAnna Sale
9-11-2022The Ghost VariationsKevin Brockmeier
9-18-2022The Great Troll WarJasper Fforde
9-21-2022The Violin ConspiracyBrendan Slocum
9-27-2022FuzzMary Roach
9-30-2022Travel by BulletJohn Scalzi
10-2-2022Gathering MossRobin Wall Kimmerer
10-3-2022The Golden EnclavesNaomi Novik
10-10-2022The Atomic BazaarWilliam Langewiesche
10-15-2022Meddling KidsEdgar Cantero
10-20-2022What Moves the DeadT. Kingfisher
10-28-2022It Won't Always Be Like ThisMalaka Gharib
10-29-2022Station EternityMur Lafferty
10-29-2022The Girl from the SeaMolly Know Ostertag
11-1-2022In the FieldRachel Pastan
11-8-2022The World We MakeN.K. Jemisin
11-18-2022BabelR.F. Kuang
11-28-2022Saga vol 10Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
11-29-2022The CartographersPeng Shepherd
11-29-2022Vulnerable AFTarriona "Tank" Ball
12-5-2022Legends & LattesTravis Baldree
12-14-2022The Daughter of Doctor MoreauSilvia Moreno-Garcia
12-14-2022HelgolandCarlo Rovelli
12-17-2022Woman WorldAminder Dhaliwal
12-17-2022Numb to ThisKindra Neely
12-19-2022And YetKate Baer
12-24-2022Thief of Time (audio)Terry Pratchett
12-28-2022Spirits that Walk in ShadowNina Kiriki Hoffman
12-31-2022Menopause: A Comic TreatmentMK Czerwiec, ed
12-31-2022Factory SummersGuy Delisle
1-3-2023Everything is OkDebbie Tung
1-5-2023Angel of CrowsKatherine Addison
1-13-2023The Woman in the LibrarySulari Gentill
1-14-2023Unholy Ghostedited by Nell Casey
1-23-2023Fairy TaleStephen King
1-29-2023Braking DayAdam Oyebanji
2-2-2023Serve the PeopleJen Lin-Liu
2-6-2023Mr. BreakfastJonathan Carroll
2-11-2023ImproveAlex Graudins
2-12-2023Spaceman of BohemiaJaroslav Kalfar
2-19-2023The Mountain in the SeaRay Nayler
2-23-2023Ducks: Two Years in the Oil SandsKate Beaton
3-4-2023When Women were DragonsKelly Barnhill
3-5-2023Rust in the RootJustina Ireland
3-10-2023Crazy in PoughkeepsieDaniel Pinkwater
3-15-2023The Sandman Act I (audio)Neil Gaiman
3-17-2023Dept. of Speculation (audio)Jenny Offill
3-20-2023The Mimicking of Known SuccessesMalka Older
3-22-2023Eric (audio)Terry Pratchett
3-29-2023Gulp (audio)Mary Roach
4-4-2023The Spare ManMary Robinette Kowal
4-6-2023Burning RosesS.L. Huang
4-8-2023Nettle & BoneT. Kingfisher
4-29-2023The Destroyer of WorldsMatt Ruff
5-1-2023Metatropolis: The Dawn of Uncivilization (audio)John Scalzi, Jake Lake...
5-4-2023Men at Arms (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-13-2023Razzmatazz (audio)Christopher Moore
5-17-2023Their Eyes were Watching GodZora Neale Hurston
5-21-2023The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-24-2023Rabid (audio)Bill Wasik & Monica Murphy
5-28-2023An Immense WorldEd Yong
6-4-2023Witches Abroad (audio)Terry Pratchett
6-5-2023Red Team BluesCory Doctorow
6-10-2023Memory LibrarianJanelle Monae
6-14-2023Escape from Yokai LandCharles Stross
6-16-2023A Paradise Built in HellRebecca Solnit
6-18-2023Terra's WorldMitch Benn
6-18-2023Even Though I Know the EndC.L. Polk
6-26-2023Witch KingMartha Wells
7-9-2023The Sea in YouJessi Sharon
7-9-2023Death and the LibrarianEsther Friesner
7-12-2023Lessons in ChemistryBonnie Garmus
7-16-2023Ship FeverAndrea Barrett
7-16-2023Lost PlacesSarah Pinsker
7-19-2023The Truth (audio)Terry Pratchett
7-24-2023River of TeethSarah Gailey
7-31-2023HopelandIan McDonald
8-9-2023SalvationPeter F. Hamilton
8-19-2023Chemistry for BreakfastMai Thi Nguyen-Kim
8-27-2023Monika's BluesHerbert Quelle
9-4-2023OgresAdrian Tchaikovsky
9-7-2023Into the RiverlandsNghi Vo
9-12-2023Giovanni's RoomJames Baldwin
9-16-2023BreathJames Nestor
9-19-2023Now You're a ManagerM. Leslie Madden, Laura Carscaddon, Denita Hampton & Brenna Helmstutler
9-22-2023A Murder of MagesMarshall Ryan Maresca
10-8-2023Hot and BotheredJancee Dunn
10-14-2023RestAlex Soojung-Kim Pang
10-16-2023A House with Good BonesT. Kingfisher
10-21-2023Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collectionedited by Hope Nicholson
10-25-2023The Blue, Beautiful WorldKaren Lord
11-1-2023The Sandman Act 2 (audio)Neil Gaiman
11-8-2023Battle of the Linguist MagesScotto Moore
11-11-2023The Speed of DarkElizabeth Moon
11-14-2023System CollapseMartha Wells
11-19-2023Starling HouseAlix E. Harrow
11-23-2023Over to YouRoald Dahl
11-24-2023180 MoreBilly Collins
11-25-2023Visionary PageantPaul Di Filippo
11-27-2023Moon is Always FemaleMarge Piercy
11-28-2023Love and Asperger'sKate McNulty
11-30-2023The Corset & the JellyfishNick Bantock
12-5-2023A Darker Shade of Magic (audio)V.E. Schwab
12-16-2023Bookshops and BonedustTravis Baldree
12-17-2023Trailer Park Fairy TalesMatt Dinniman
12-23-2023A Stroke of the PenTerry Pratchett
12-24-2023Moonshot Volume 2edited by Hope Nicholson
12-24-2023The Lost CauseCory Doctorow
12-25-2023You Must Remember ThisMichael Bazzett
12-29-2023Some Desperate GloryEmily Tesh
1-1-2024There is No Right Way to MeditateYumi Sakugawa
1-3-2024The City of BrassS.A. Chakraborty
1-7-2024The Narrow Road Between DesiresPatrick Rothfuss
1-12-2024How to LoveAlex Norris
1-12-2024CaliforniaEdan Lepucki
1-14-2024The End of BiasJessica Nordell
1-15-2024The Cat Who Saved BooksSosuke Natsukawa
1-20-2024Starter VillainJohn Scalzi
1-21-2024Demon DaughterLois McMaster Bujold
1-23-2024Mislaid in Parts Half-KnownSeanan McGuire
1-28-2024Talking ManTerry Bisson
1-30-2024SteerswomanRosemary Kirstein
2-14-2024An Informal History of the HugosJo Walton
2-18-2024In the Lives of PuppetsT.J. Klune
2-28-2024Unwell WomenElinor Cleghorn
3-4-2024FuturelandWalter Mosely
3-5-2024pHNancy Lord
3-12-2024The End of the AffairGraham Greene
3-18-2024The Adventures of Amina Al-SirafiShannon Chakraborty
3-21-2024White Cat, Black DogKelly Link
4-7-2024A Socially Acceptable BreakdownPatrick Roche
4-7-2024Lone WomenVictor LaValle
4-11-2024The Myth of Solid GroundDavid L. Ulin
4-12-2024What If?Randall Munroe
4-14-2024The Witch and the TsarOlesya Salnikova Gilmore
4-21-2024An Unkindness of GhostsRivers Solomon
4-23-2024The BezzleCory Doctorow
4-30-2024Translation StateAnn Leckie
5-5-2024Four Stories Till the EndZoran Zivkovic
5-8-2024Sandman Act 3 (audio)Neil Gaiman
5-15-2024Woman, Life, FreedomMarjane Satrapi
5-18-2024Afterparty (audio)Daryl Gregory
5-21-2024Magpie MurdersAnthony Horowitz
5-27-2024If Nietzsche were a NarwhalJustin Gregg

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