Books read in 2023

1-3Everything is OkDebbie Tung
1-5Angel of CrowsKatherine Addison
1-13The Woman in the LibrarySulari Gentill
1-14Unholy Ghostedited by Nell Casey
1-23Fairy TaleStephen King
1-29Braking DayAdam Oyebanji
2-2Serve the PeopleJen Lin-Liu
2-6Mr. BreakfastJonathan Carroll
2-11ImproveAlex Graudins
2-12Spaceman of BohemiaJaroslav Kalfar
2-19The Mountain in the SeaRay Nayler
2-23Ducks: Two Years in the Oil SandsKate Beaton
3-4When Women were DragonsKelly Barnhill
3-5Rust in the RootJustina Ireland
3-10Crazy in PoughkeepsieDaniel Pinkwater
3-15The Sandman Act I (audio)Neil Gaiman
3-17Dept. of Speculation (audio)Jenny Offill
3-20The Mimicking of Known SuccessesMalka Older
3-22Eric (audio)Terry Pratchett
3-29Gulp (audio)Mary Roach
4-4The Spare ManMary Robinette Kowal
4-6Burning RosesS.L. Huang
4-8Nettle & BoneT. Kingfisher
4-29The Destroyer of WorldsMatt Ruff
5-1Metatropolis: The Dawn of Uncivilization (audio)John Scalzi, Jake Lake...
5-4Men at Arms (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-13Razzmatazz (audio)Christopher Moore
5-17Their Eyes were Watching GodZora Neale Hurston
5-21The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (audio)Terry Pratchett
5-24Rabid (audio)Bill Wasik & Monica Murphy
5-28An Immense WorldEd Yong
6-4Witches Abroad (audio)Terry Pratchett
6-5Red Team BluesCory Doctorow
6-10Memory LibrarianJanelle Monae
6-14Escape from Yokai LandCharles Stross
6-16A Paradise Built in HellRebecca Solnit
6-18Terra's WorldMitch Benn
6-18Even Though I Know the EndC.L. Polk
6-26Witch KingMartha Wells
7-9The Sea in YouJessi Sharon
7-9Death and the LibrarianEsther Friesner
7-12Lessons in ChemistryBonnie Garmus
7-16Ship FeverAndrea Barrett
7-16Lost PlacesSarah Pinsker
7-19The Truth (audio)Terry Pratchett
7-24River of TeethSarah Gailey
7-31HopelandIan McDonald
8-9SalvationPeter F. Hamilton
8-19Chemistry for BreakfastMai Thi Nguyen-Kim
8-27Monika's BluesHerbert Quelle
9-4OgresAdrian Tchaikovsky
9-7Into the RiverlandsNghi Vo
9-12Giovanni's RoomJames Baldwin
9-16BreathJames Nestor
9-19Now You're a ManagerM. Leslie Madden, Laura Carscaddon, Denita Hampton & Brenna Helmstutler
9-22A Murder of MagesMarshall Ryan Maresca
10-8Hot and BotheredJancee Dunn
10-14RestAlex Soojung-Kim Pang
10-16A House with Good BonesT. Kingfisher
10-21Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collectionedited by Hope Nicholson
10-25The Blue, Beautiful WorldKaren Lord
11-1The Sandman Act 2 (audio)Neil Gaiman
11-8Battle of the Linguist MagesScotto Moore
11-11The Speed of DarkElizabeth Moon
11-14System CollapseMartha Wells
11-19Starling HouseAlix E. Harrow
11-23Over to YouRoald Dahl
11-24180 MoreBilly Collins
11-25Visionary PageantPaul Di Filippo
11-27Moon is Always FemaleMarge Piercy
11-28Love and Asperger'sKate McNulty
11-30The Corset & the JellyfishNick Bantock
12-5A Darker Shade of Magic (audio)V.E. Schwab
12-16Bookshops and BonedustTravis Baldree
12-17Trailer Park Fairy TalesMatt Dinniman
12-23A Stroke of the PenTerry Pratchett
12-24Moonshot Volume 2edited by Hope Nicholson
12-24The Lost CauseCory Doctorow
12-25You Must Remember ThisMichael Bazzett
12-29Some Desperate GloryEmily Tesh

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The date listed is when I finished the book, regardless of when I started it.
Just because a book is listed, doesn't necessarily mean I liked it or would recommend it.
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